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Love the barrel control here! When you properly drive the back hip WHILE keeping your head over it, you will will be able to properly support the barrel and fire it through the zone! Great stuff! @working_with_polanco
Do you have issues leaking forward and losing power? Inconsistent velo? Inconsistent command? The struggle to correct these issues is over! VeloPRO is giving athletes the feel they’ve never had, so that they can identify and fix issues ON THE NEXT REP! VeloPRO truly is changing the game for thousands at all levels of the game! Get your’s today at www.veloprobaseball.com @coachzinger
Looking to be more explosive? Build your power from the ground up! VeloPRO is designed to train your body to maximize back hip drive creating, and maintaining, a proper load in the back hip. The VL Harness is the choice of top instructors across the nation because it is the first and only trainer that gives you immediate sensory feedback on each and every rep. Great job building explosive power from @topvelocity @kingofthehillbaseball
Sometimes great pitches get hit! The question is, can you stay poised and continue to spot up with base runners? 🎯 . . You typically make the most important pitches from the stretch! . . Don’t neglect the stretch in your LoKator Bullpen sessions. Put yourself in game situations and execute pitches! . . #lokator #lokatorsystem #lokatorbullpenapp #ios #pitcher #baserunners #stretch #mlb #baseballmoms #reds #royals #mlbplayoffs #pitchercatcher #lokatorbullpenapp #baseballmoms #baserunners #pitchercatcher #reds #lokatorsystem #ios #mlb #mlbplayoffs #lokator #stretch #royals #pitcher
It sounds simple enough, but being able to land first, then throw, is something that pitchers at all ages and levels of the game struggle with. VeloPRO was designed to teach you to stay loaded into FFS, so that you can gain maximum energy from the ground. If you feel that there’s more velo in your arm that you’re not getting, then you need to add VeloPRO to your bullpens and drill work, and elevate your game! @coachzinger
Of course there are 1,000’s of theories out their regarding pitching. However, there are certain things that are irrefutable.. one of them is the fact that we all must move on time and properly counterbalance in order to support each pitch. Also, those that get connected to the ground transfer the most energy into the ball, will ultimately throw the hardest.. throw the hardest. As you see here, if pro arms are trusting VeloPRO to help them with this, you should as well. Get your’s today at www.veloprobaseball.com and train what the pros train! Repost from @hlb_pitching Jesus Balaguer (Astros) reinforcing his delivery during flat ground throwing program as well as with sensory/towel drill. Jeurys Familia (Mets) captured in spring training initiating lower half & hand separation (simultaneous triangles) during his throwing program.
We talk a lot about counterbalancing the barrel weight. This hitter isn’t currently using VeloPRO, but his swing is a perfect model for the proper motor patterning that VeloPRO teaches. Look at the back hip moving into the ball; and notice that at the SAME TIME the hands move back into a loaded position. The feel that VeloPRO puts into rounds is THE KEY moving more powerfully. It is the only tool on the market that takes you through each phase of each action, so that you can maximize each and every movement you make! Get your’s today at www.veloprobaseball.com @orix_buffaloes
Prospect United on the field at Oklahoma and OCU! More awesome opportunities being provided by one of Baseball Youth Magazine’s Top 100 programs! Check out Prospect U and surround yourself with high level baseball! @rtg.baseball #baseball #collision #drydrills #pitchers #strikeouts #fastball #homerun #firstbaseman #hitting #umpires #batters #velocity #longtoss #hitters #popups #catchers #baserunners #pitching #pitchingtips #pitchinglessons #strengthtraining #medball #infielders #youthbaseball
With so many testimonials rolling about how much VeloPRO is changing the game for so many, isn’t it time that you got on board? For the first time ever, you can feel the points in your swing that are costing you power; and you can fix them on the very next swing! Now you can finally get everything out of every swing! Check this feedback out from @gabrielsaenz03: “Ok so I bought yall’s item and it has made a really big difference from my old swing. Love y’all product and I will keep using it!” www.veloprobaseball.com
Really good sequencing here from this pro hitter. Look how he hands are working in time with lower body. As the front foot hits, the hands move back. This allows the body to support the barrel, and fire it through the baseball. If the hand move is too early, the body has to counter by drifting forward. Counterbalancing and dynamic balance were at the forefront of the. Reaction of VeloPRO, and why @coachrowehitting is all about the harness, and uses it with his athletes! Get your motor patterning to work on time, and you will see instant jumps in power, plate coverage, and overall solid contact! Get your’s today and see for yourself why so many professional athletes are utilizing this revolutionary training tool! www.veloprobaseball.com
VeloPRO is helping players from Little League.... to the highest level, as you see here with current MLB pitcher @jeurysfamilia getting in some work this past offseason. As you can see, he immediately becomes aware of the resistance VeloPRO is providing. This is the sensory feedback that is helping thousands all over the world make IMMEDIATE improvements to their motor patterning... and IMMEDIATE improvements to their game! If VeloPRO is providing big time benefits at the game’s highest level, it will provide big time benefits for you! Get on board today by going to www.veloprobaseball.com! @hlb_pitching
Another VeloPRO sighting in Canada! This time from @coachkayler! Make 100% sure that you are accomplishing your performance goals.... EVERY TIME. VeloPRO’s patented sensory feedback system with help retrain your lower body to be powerful, and properly counterbalance the baseball. As a result, you will instantly begin to throw the ball with more power AND command, as your arm will be out in front and well supported. Get your’s today and experience first hand why major league and NCAA baseball love this revolutionary training tool! www.veloprobaseball.com

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