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October moonrise 〰️ I just listened to a @realrobbell #robcast with @scottharrison from @charitywater 💧proving Monday’s can be inspired! Rethinking fundraising and philanthropy and discussing why people give to charity. I would LOVE to know your fav charities, why you give time or money and what catches your attention... (can you guess I *may* be writing a Christmas appeal tmr and need your help!) .... #charitychat 💕 #moonrise #quietthechaos #robcast #thehappynow #moonrisekingdom #astilllifestyle #shared_joy #asecondofwhimsy #forthecreative #vscolovers #mystoryoflight #vsco #internationaldevelopment #etherealsouls #charity #charitychat #ngo #storybehindsquares #pursuepretty #ofquietmoments #darling #livefolk #thatsdarling
I’m really big into watching a wide range assortment of documentaries. It’s part of my own ongoing spiritual practice to continue to open myself up to more than what’s just right in front of me. This documentary in particular I watched today. It’s been on my list: The Heretic, about @realrobbell and the impressive work he does in retranslating the idea of who and what God/the Bible is in our ever changing and evolving world we live in. A few years ago I had the privilege of seeing him speak live at an Oprah SuperSoul Sessions event which was how I first learned about him and the beautiful work he does. I highly recommend checking it out! I rented it on iTunes. Here is a quick little teaser quote below: Interviewer- “What is it for you at the end of the day that you most want people to know?” Rob Bell- “What the modern world does is it cuts you off from the depths of life. Just skim the surface, just numb the pain. But there is a fullness to life that you can actually experience. Everything you are working and striving for you already have. And so often we’re working, sweating, clinging, grasping, striving to just feel worthy enough. And the fundamental good news is the announcement that you are loved exactly as you are.” 🙏🏼

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