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T'was remarked by a companion that this intriguing drop had a hint of the 'second hand booksellers wank rag'. I'm not sure I agree, or indeed know precisely what this disgusting item would smell like (well, one can make educated guesses). Personally I thought it inhabited the realm of cooked boysenberries, dark spices and salty liquorice topped off with a bright cheesy mank. In essence it smelled like a Dutch Shop (you know, one of those liquorice, Edam cheese, clogs kinda places dotted around the globe to keep ex-pat Netherlanders happy). This blend of Grenache Gris, Maccabeu and (mostly) Grenache Noir is a fully bio-dynamic very low sulphate wine so it's pretty funky. I found it confusing, but isn't that kinda great? Being Confused by booze! The winemaker is Tom Lubbe and he grew up in New Zealand so basically this is like Dan Carter playing for Racing 92. Vive La France! Vive Le Nouvelle Zélande! This is a very reasonably priced super interesting wine IMO, lots of people probably won't like it, some will bloody love it. 7.8/10 🐉 available from Wine Diamonds in NZ ... try the '15 if you see it, I think it was tastier. #vinnatural #pyrenees #nzwine #wankrag #liqourice #sweetberrywine #matassa #vinnatural #liqourice #matassa #pyrenees #wankrag #nzwine #sweetberrywine

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