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Police release body cam video of a fatal officer-involved shooting back in May 2018. The shooting happened on the 8500 block of East 41st Street. According to police, as officers from the Organized Gang Unit were approached a group of men sitting parked in a vehicle. In the video, Officer Chris Beyerl can be seen walking up to an SUV while Officer Shawn Hickey walks up to a man who police say got out of the vehicle. In the meantime, Officer Beyerl walks up to a tinted window. he knocks on it, and then walks around to the driver's side. Officer Chris Beyerl asks both men to show their hands. Just seconds later, a voice can be heard saying, “Hey,hey, hey.” Tulsa Police say at that moment, Officer Beyerl saw the front seat passenger was armed and he says it was pointed at him. Both officers opened fire into the vehicle. Police say at some point during the shooting, the suspect also fired at Officer Beyerl. The suspect was later identified as Albert Odom was killed. He was arrested in 2014 and in 2011 on drug charges.
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Three men brutally assaulted a Vancouver police officer during a traffic stop on Tuesday night. One of the assailants attempted to flee the scene on foot, and was struck by a pickup truck, cell phone footage showed. The incident began at approximately 10 p.m. on Oct. 9, when two Vancouver police officers in plainclothes spotted a Dodge Durango traveling in an area that was closed off to traffic, the Vancouver Sun reported. The officers stopped the vehicle between Seymour and Granville Streets, and approached the three men inside the SUV, according to the North Shore News. The occupants were immediately “confrontational and verbally abusive,” Vancouver Police Sergeant Jason Robillard said during a press conference on Wednesday. The officers then noticed the occupants reaching beneath a seat, so they opened one of the SUV doors, Sgt. Robillard said. One of the suspects grabbed onto one of the officers, pulling him inside the vehicle, and “two men began to punch [the officer] repeatedly in the face and head,” the sergeant explained. “As the other officer rushed to help, all three men exited the vehicle and continued to assault the officers." Cell phone footage showed the altercation between the officers and the combative men after it was already underway. “Get on the ground!” one of the officers ordered, as a suspect in a purple jacket took off running towards an intersection. The man sprinted across the roadway while looking over his shoulder at the pursuing officer, and turned around just as a gray pickup drove into the intersection and slammed into him with a sickening thud, the video showed. Seemingly uninjured, the suspect jumped up and took off running again, but was apprehended by another officer two blocks away, the Vancouver Sun reported. The other two vehicle occupants were also arrested. Brendan Robinson, 21, and Troy Robinson, 22, were charged with willfully obstructing a peace officer and assaulting a police officer. Brian Allen, 24, was charged with resisting arrest and possession of stolen property under $5,000 for stealing the injured officer’s cell phone.All three of the suspects are well-known to Vancouver police. (1/2)
Tulsa Police released new body cam video of a chase and arrest of a suspect from Sept. 13. Police said Micah Fitzpatrick took off running when he saw officers last month near 11th and Garnett. One officer tased him after they said he ignored their commands. They also found a gun in his pocket. Officer: "Get on the ground! Give me your hands, hands!" "They believe they may be dealing with an individual who has a gun, and sure enough when they do catch up to him he was carrying a very large pistol," said Sergeant Shane Tuell, Tulsa Police Department. Tulsa Gang Unit Officers were in an area near Interstate 44 and Garnett when they tried to make contact with Micah Fitzpatrick. They say they wanted to have a conversation with him because he was wearing gang colors. "When he sees the officers he immediately turns and starts running," Tuell said. Officers say he kept his hand on his right pocket the entire time. Officer: "You got a gun? What are you running for?" When they caught up to him, they pulled a large pistol out of his pocket. "That's why you always hear officers say 'show me your hands, show me your hands,'" said Sergeant Shane Tuell, TPD. "Because its not the person that's going to hurt the officer. It's what's in those hands that could hurt the officer." Tuell says it's common for officers to talk with people while they are patrolling because this could help them get information on a current investigation. "We don't need to have a criminal offense occur to just go up and talk to a citizen, but if they turn around and run then we are allowed to pursue them." He says they try to have a higher police presence in areas where there is known gang activity. "If we can have that contact and let them know a - we're here and b - there's a better way to carry yourself and do things, we might be able to sway them from entering into a life of crime or gang activity." Sgt.Tuell says it's good to let officers know that you have a weapon on you if you have your concealed carry and they approach you just so the officers are aware.Fitzpatrick was booked into the Tulsa County Jail for gang-related offenses, aggravated assault and battery,resisting arrest, and carrying drugs.
Rochester, New Hampshire -- Officials at the Attorney General’s Office have concluded police used reasonable force when they shot and killed a man after a high-speed chase in Rochester this summer. Douglas Heath, 38, was shot up to 15 times after he pulled a stolen semiautomatic pistol on police and began firing the afternoon of Aug. 20. On Thursday afternoon, Senior Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley went through an hour-long presentation detailing the results of their investigation during a press briefing at Rochester City Hall. He was joined by Attorney General Gordon MacDonald, State Police Col. Christopher Wagner, Rochester Police Chief Paul Toussaint and state troopers. Hinckley released the 43-page report he compiled and shared three videos which captured the incident. Two were from Rochester police vehicle cameras and one was taken by a private citizen. The report says Rochester police initially learned about Heath and the two warrants out for his arrest on Aug. 15. Detective Geoff Moore wrote an officer safety briefing form to notify fellow officers. The form said Heath may be in possession of three firearms and “he has no intention of going to jail.” On Aug. 18, Moore spotted Heath get into a white Cadillac SUV in Rochester and police officers tried to stop him, but according to the report, he sped away. Moore passed Heath driving the same SUV two days later on Aug. 20 just before 3 p.m. Moore radioed for assistance from Rochester police and state police. Officers were warned Heath may be armed. Trooper Haden Wilber was one of the state police officers who responded to Moore’s call for backup. (1/3) Story continued below. 🔽
Instagram removed this video from our page because they said our caption was “hate speech” and promoted violence on a group of people. In no way is that reality. We never would post such a write-up and promote violence on anyone. They most likely didn’t like how well the video was doing. We are reposting this again to show how dedicated police officers are to arresting those criminals who want to ruin our society and communities. This video isn’t promoting any violence; it it showing the dangers and lengths officers go through to arrest those who break the law. Let’s show Instagram, again, how much we love law-enforcement officers. This is @melbourne_police_fl doing amazing work.
An Oklahoma deputy saved a 3-year-old boy who was choking on a quarter. Deputy William Wheeler saw a woman waving for help outside of a car wash after she thought her son had swallowed a sucker. Body cam video captured Victoria Terrill was terrified as her son Chaz was choking on something. "You know I was panicking, and it sucks that I didn't know what to do," she said. Wheeler drove by where they had stopped, and he knew exactly what to do. After pounding him three times on the back, a quarter flew out of the boy's mouth. "You OK, buddy?" Wheeler asked the boy. Terrill said she's forever thankful the deputy was there. "He literally was like a guardian angel," she said. "He just happened to be going by at the exact time I needed him." Terrill said she plans to learn the Heimlich maneuver to avoid future accidents.
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On Sunday, June 3, 2018 at about 6:30 p.m. Mackinac County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to a residence to investigate a report of a felon in possession of a gun with children at the residence. Two deputies arrived at that residence and when they approached the residence a man appeared with a long gun and leveled it at the Deputies. One of the deputies fired his duty weapon striking the suspect in the hand. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. earch warrants were obtained for the residence and items. Several charges were issued by prosecution. After State Police review and review by the prosecutor’s office the deputies involved were justified in their use of force in this incident and were returned to full duty shortly after the shooting. James Avery Blevins 39, of St Ignace pled guilty on July 19, 2018 to: • Felon in Possession of a Firearm • Felon in Possession of ammunition • Assault with a dangerous weapon (Felonious Assault). And had the following charges dismissed as part of a plea agreement • Felony Firearm • Dangerous Weapon possession –metallic knuckles • Assault with Intent to commit Murder. The 11th Circuit Court held a hearing this morning to sentence Blevins. Blevins received a sentence of 30 months to 60 months (2.5 years to 5 years) on the charges. He has been transported to Marquette branch Prison to begin his sentence. “We are happy that this matter is now concluded” said Sheriff Strait ““Deputies train for this regularly and hope that they never are put in this situation. This could have ended very differently, this individual who chose to point a loaded shotgun at a deputy sheriff is very fortunate to be here and the quick reaction by the deputy clearly saved his own life.”
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The District Attorney’s office has released this body-cam footage showing a man stabbing at an Asheville police officer with a knife before the officer opened fire. Jonathan Bedrosian pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and assault with a deadly weapon on a governmental official.
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Officer Terrence Carraway of the Florence Police Department has been identified as the officer who was killed in South Carolina yesterday. He was one of seven officers who were shot by an active shooter who opened fire as officers attempted to serve a warrant. Other responders had to use armored vehicles to retrieve wounded officers. The suspect was taken into custody after a 2 hour negotiation. Officer Carraway was 52 years old and just celebrated 30 years of service with his department.
The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has released more details about a fatal officer-involved shooting outside of the Fort Morgan Walmart involving a man wanted for stabbing his aunt and cousin to death. Deputy Steve Berlanga parked a short distance away in his marked car to monitor the vehicle, while Undersheriff Dave Martin parked nearby in an unmarked vehicle with a clear view of the Jetta. Sheriff Jim Crone, also in an unmarked car, parked on the south side of the building where the view of the Jetta was limited. Undersheriff Martin started driving toward the driver’s side of the car, while Sheriff Crone drove up to the rear and parked behind the Jetta. CSP Trooper Ryan Eldridge, Cpl. Ken Nelson and Deputy Berlanga followed nearby and pulled up facing the car near Undersheriff Martin, the sheriff’s office said. While Montano was still outside of the vehicle, Undersheriff Martin and Sheriff Crone got out of their vehicles and identified themselves as "police officers" and yelled "don’t move" at Montano, according to the sheriff's office. Montano then got into the Jetta, slammed the door and started directing his attention to the front passenger seat area – leading Sheriff Crone to believe Montano would start the car and ram his patrol vehicle in an attempt to escape. Seconds later, the driver’s door to the Jetta flew open and Montano began to leave the car. The sheriff’s office said the suspect’s right hand came out of the car first, and both Undersheriff Martin and Sheriff Crone believed he was holding what appeared to be a handgun. That’s when Undersheriff Martin and Sheriff Crone fired multiple shots at the suspect who then fell to the ground. Seven of the eight rounds fired hit Montano, and the other bullet hit the Jetta. Montano died from his injuries. The object in Montano’s hand fell to the pavement and was discovered to be a black lock-blade knife with the blade open. Hours before Montano was shot, Albuquerque police investigators determined that Montano had used that knife in the stabbing deaths of his 53-year-old aunt, Debra Martinez and her 17-year-old daughter, Irisa Montano.
Baltimore Police released body camera footage Monday from a Sept. 23 shootout that left an officer injured and suspect dead. Baltimore police identified the two officers involved in a shootout Sunday that injured one of them and left another man dead. Police said Tuesday that Nathaniel Sassafras, 29, of Baltimore, shot and injured officer Phillip Lippe, who has since been released from the hospital. Both Lippe, a three-year member of the department, and Steven Foster, a five-year member, fired their weapons, police said. They were assigned to Western District patrol. Both officers were wearing body cameras — one of which was shot and damaged in the incident, police said. Police spokesman T.J. Smith said the damaged camera was being sent to the manufacturer to retrieve the data, but Axon was unable to retrieve the footage. “We will make the decision to release the footage once we have had an opportunity to review it in its entirety,” Smith said in a statement. The shooting was reported just before 6:30 p.m. in the rear of the 800 block of Vine St. in the Poppleton neighborhood. Lippe and Foster were in the neighborhood for a “crime suppression initiative,” Interim Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle told reporters at a news conference Sunday night. Two people were shot in the same block in a span of just over four hours one evening last week. Tuggle said Sassafras was not a specific target of the operation. A spokesman for the Department of Corrections said Sassafras was paroled on Jan. 18 after serving nearly 14 years of a 20-year sentence for a 2004 murder. The state corrections spokesman said Sassafras was convicted of second-degree murder and use of handgun in a crime of violence. He also served a concurrent one-year sentence for second-degree assault that occurred while he was incarcerated. Police said Sassafras was just 15 when he shot Jason Baughman, 22, several times in front of a convenience store near the 500 block of N. Warwick Ave. on May 9, 2004, according to a Baltimore Sun article at the time. Police said the shooting was related to an "ongoing dispute in the area.” Court records show Sassafras also was charged in another murder in 2006.
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