WHEN A BOOK REVIEWER CALLS YOUR BOOK THE BEST READ OF THE YEAR!!! “There are just some things that you have to surrender to in this life if you want to be worth anything at the end of it.” ———————————— What book(s) are you anxiously awaiting the release of? 📚 I just finished Terms of Surrender, an ARC provided by the author @karynraewrites , and here's my honest review: 📚 This is the story of Harlow Ausby and Jade Ryan. They meet in their early twenties and right off the bat they’re inseparable. Except Harlow is the daughter of a prestigious family on the South of Broad in Charleston and Jade is from “Off”; a term used by residents for anyone living off the South of Broad. Despite Jade’s family still being well-to-do, Harlow’s mother Vivian cannot fathom her precious daughter dating anyone who isn’t of old money. Harlow and Jade sneak around and eventually fall in love, but are torn apart by terrible circumstances that shreds your heart to pieces. I won’t go into too much detail as to not spoil the plot, but the root of the novel proves that love can conquer time and space and all the obstacles that others put in its way. 📚 "The connection we had was powerful and profound. My heart had gradually defined itself by a longing that could not be swept away with the tides. Just the idea of him bloomed in every compartment of my mind, caressing all my senses… It had taken less than two weeks for me to fall for him, and for the rest of my life, I would be suspended in midair.” 📚 I truly loved this story of the power and strength of love and friendship. The story and how it is written sucks you in from the minute you start reading, grabbing hold of you until the last page. The best read so far this year, hands down. I don't reread much, but I feel like I could flip right back to page one and enjoy it all over again. 📚 I recommend this touching, poignant, and captivating story for it will absolutely linger in your heart forever.