#decemberreflections2018 #gioiedinatale . . 05. (catch up) + 6. : 5 THINGS ABOUT ME + #hounastoriaperte . . 1) I'm a #Slytherin and though I love #jkrowling I'm kinda upset that, in the books, my house is constantly referred to as the bad-guys'-one only, never mentioning what's good and interesting bout them. I mean, why letting them attend Hogwarts at all, if they're all evil? 2) I could sing with my band anytime and anywhere and I would not give a damn about it, I'd just have fun; ask me to talk about my books in front of a single person and I'll panic! 3) I hate wearing jeans. 4) My sisters and I know every single episode of FRIENDS by heart and we could go through an entire conversation only quoting Ross, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler and Rachel. 5) There's a "countdown to Christmas" widget on my mobile display all year long!