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Since I’m back at camp for 9 days and won’t be able to post anything so here’s another picture I took of me trying to be a cowboy🤠 Just another dream I want to work towards😊
Found an expensive hobby to pick up🐴 had a blast yesterday being a wannabe cowboy. Now to work on becoming a real one🤠
There’s a snake in my boot🐍 going horseback riding with the step father for his birthday🎂 proper footwear is essential when you want to be a wannabe cowboy🤠 yeehaw!!!
Been busier than hell getting my life sorted to head to Alberta. 1 week until I leave. 4 days left of work. 0 time to worry about posting anything except for this cool picture
Opening of bass was a success🎣 all of us managed to catch enough to have a good fish fry. Always a good time
Life is crazy. You can wake up one day and your whole world changes. You can dwell on the past or continue moving forward because everyday is a new day for opportunities to succeed. I know where I want to take my life. I know I'm going to have bust my ass to get there. I know I've got amazing friends and family that will support and help me along the way. Thank you💙
#tbt to when snowboarding was the life🏂 Miss being on top of the mountains taking in the gorgeous views only to shred down through the trees to do it all over again🌲 Maybe someday soon I can make it back to #bigwhite #kelowna #BC
Had such an amazing weekend I'm just recovering from it now🍻 work golf tournament was a success with me somehow winning closest to the pin🏆 (no pics of the trophy due to my level of intoxication)

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