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▴ Remember everything you see. Life is showing you the way. In people and places and experiences.
Meet in the middle of the lake. 🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♂️
I believe the time to spawn more alcohol the wine. Today I enjoyed a glass of a decade of home-distilled cranberry wine. An excellent accompaniment to seafood or pasta. So I had prepared pancetta and mushroom cream pasta for lunch, the dessert is fresh pomegranates. ☞ ☞
The phrase “People Mountain People Sea” is often used to describe the dense population in Hong Kong – and the irony in its use now lies in that there is no more “mountain” nor “sea” left in the city. Economic development is practically synonymous with urbanisation and, with the limited land space in Hong Kong, the city is fast coming up against the problem of overcrowding. Land reclamation has been increasingly seen as a solution to this. However, are the benefits of land reclamation worth the environmental impact they cause? If we know that Land reclamation would result in the “large displacement of the marine sediments and the development of mud-waves beneath the reclamation fill”. This would disrupt the ocean’s ecosystem, lead to soil liquefaction, and pollute the water. And destruction of nature as dangerous as climate change. Hongkongers often boast about the city’s magnificent skyscraper-studded skyline that edges Victoria Harbour, but we’ve lost view of our “mountains” and “seas”. The explosive transformation of Hong Kong, from a rustic village to a cosmopolitan city, is an extraordinary story that’s worth celebrating, but we should not prioritise economic development over our environment. Let us not blindly resort to land reclamation as the only solution for the city’s development. Instead, let us build a city that is economically sustainable – and let us build it with a sense of empathy for the life around us.
As the sunset revealed its passion, take a walk with my dog on a nearby beach.
Outside, the lawn was cluttered with hundreds of broken branches. I can't imagine my plot without flowers after a typhoon, and I replanted flowers around my garden when I came back from New York. My life is just like my garden. You will find weeds, wither and even instant destruction among the flowers a long the way. When life goes wrong, the best thing to do is to confront, accept, and rebuild, give us grace as we walk through life. I am doing this more and more now, and my life look so much better for it.
If ever a work of art had a right to feel over exposed, it is Michelangelo's David, naked in the heart of Florence for nearly 5 centuries.
Buildings of modern construction are to be seen everywhere in NYC.
Paris is burning all night long. I was curious to see Paris by night with clearer and more judicious eyes than those of other days.

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