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A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms 🌻 ~zen shin~ . . I spent last week working on inversions. I used to see pictures of cool inversions and try to rush my ability to do them, but it’s not about just throwing yourself upside down.. it’s about your shoulders, and your core, and your legs, and your mind. There is a lot more that goes into that, and I would much prefer to take my time now than risk an injury by forcing something I am not ready for. Progress takes time, and I am happy with mine ✨ . . This applies to more than just inversions! DON’T RUSH YOUR LIFE. Simple as that, we have our whole lives to be here doing what makes us happy, live in the moment and don’t try to rush through life like it’s a race. How much will you miss because you didn’t take the time to actually observe and go through life? #thursdaythoughts
#magicmonday ! Turtle medicine has to do with Mother Earth. We are being asked to be mindful of our cycles of give and take, and to give back to the mother, as she has given so much to us. . . Turtle also has to do with how to use protection and how to connect with the power of earth. Like earth has its own forms of protection, turtles have their shell, and like turtles we too have our own forms of protection. The walls that we put up to protect us from hurt, envy, etc. It is time to get in touch with earth and get grounded. Honor the creativity within you, look within, and observe your situation with compassion. . . “We are born of the womb of earth, and to her soil our bodies will learning to ground you are placing focus on your thoughts and actions and slowing to a pace that assures completion.” . . Take your shoes off, go outside, stand firmly in the grass and close your eyes. Allow your thoughts and feelings to flow freely, allow yourself to connect with the energy of the earth. Write down your whatever comes to mind and remind yourself that everything develops in its own time, not rushed. It is possible to stay present and grounded, turtle energy will teach you how to do so✨
AFFIRMATIONS🙌🏽 Starting your day with positive affirmations will seriously propel you into a realm of endless possibilities for yourself, and a better outlook every single day. . . Shout out to my friend @devonsuggs for helping me realize the power of affirmations. If you need help watch his story every morning, seriously. It reminds me that every day can be a good day, that I have the power to make it that and that manifestation is REAL. Wake up tomorrow and start manifesting your dreams if you haven’t already✨ #manifestyourdestiny
Rain. Undulating. Balancing. Wiggling. Inverting. Frog socks. Fav leggings. . . . Double posting because it’s an extra magical Monday ✨🌧 #yogaprogress
Happy #magicmonday and #newmoon ! APHRODITE💃🏻 This card is showing up today to tell you to acknowledge, embrace, and appreciate your inner divinity! There is a power within you, it is divine, feminine, and it is time to allow that side of yourself to come out and guide you. Embrace your femininity, be aware of it, nurture it, and celebrate it! . . Find the time to awaken the goddess within you instead of hiding it. Do things to balance out your male and female energies. Allow your softer side to come out in your relationships. Be receptive. And last but not least...make time to DANCE! . . This card is perfectly timed with the new moon today in libra, giving you a great opportunity to align yourself with your intentions and what you truly want. Honor what is within you, allow yourself to feel, find balance and #loveyourself ✨🌚
Gratitude is my destination. My destiny is perfectly aligned with this location✨ {zhu} #gratitude
Time for a late night #magicmonday ✨ . . HUMMINGBIRD. Joy. Love. Magic. This is what the hummingbird medicine brings to us! She is flying into today’s reading to let you know it’s time to dance and laugh, enjoy all the gifts of source and relax. Hummingbird has a high vibration and high energy, which can send a burst of energy your way. Go to a museum or a concert, let your senses feel the energy of hummingbird, who has shown up today to tell you there is magic in life and to allow yourself to see it. . . “Hummingbird conjures love as no other medicine does, and the hummingbird feathers open the heart. Without an open and loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life. Follow sister hummingbird and you will soon be filled with paroxysms of joy, and experience a renewal of the magic of living”✨ . . Keep your heart open, laugh, dance, and enjoy the beauty that is right in front of you!

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