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My optometrist told me that my eyes will keep getting worse if I "use them a lot" hahahah. Here's a picture of me using them
All I can think about is finishing the forms & casting this in wax 🤤
Figuring out the basics of claymation take 1 (@leehardcastle hire me)
Laying down the armature for this little guy's torso! I've been on a constant search for something more durable than silicone & the answer was resin, I did it I figured out the obvious :')
I finally got wifi in my new apartment so enjoy some detail shots I took in Italy that I've been drooling over since • • Giambologna's Rape of the Sabine Women, Michelangelo's David, Bernini's Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, Canova's Hercules and Lichas, Laocoön and his Sons

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