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..I'm too lazy to say shit . This is my oc BYE !! (it written : flower on my hair roses on the vine you can be my guy and I'm your baby , right?) #drawing #oc #lanadelreylyrics #myasshurts
The pic was too long and it didn't fit so I had no choice but to put a square background so it can fit :") anyway this is just a random drawing I did (I was practicing) abd the lyrics are from ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey #not_bad #random #drawing #artwork #shitty_art #doodle #lanadelrey
FINALLY I GOT WI-FI !! real posts will be posted soon (lmao sorry bitches) , I made this dead meme because I was bored :”) (that was the only audio I had in my phone) also sadly I couldn’t remove the watermark 😤 ANYWAY CAPTION THIS !! #osomatsusan #todomatsu #todomatsumatsuno #deadmeme #ososan #totty #idontknowwhatimdoing
Either these are too funny or I'm too fucking high at night 😤 also hey guys I'm back and yes I'm fine , btw these things need to be memes . Tag yourself !! I'm priesthood GO . . Source : bootleg_stuff on Twitter
I made a linktree about my accounts that you'll find me active on soon , it's on my bio now !! And for tumblr .. I'll make a new one soon 🙂 and speaking for other amino accounts , all of them has the username "Monkii" except for 2p!Hetalia amino where it's "2p Thailand" and osomatsu-san rp amino , It's "Thotty" , I'll be active on there in the next month because I'm too tired rn
This commercial is awesome and artistic , also the song is catchy too 👌 yet a lot of people hated it 🙄 they only hate it because they cut Starbucks head and they found it "scary" (btw the rapper is Queen G , she's one of the best Kuwaiti rappers :0 how come I didn't hear from her until now) #commercial
Ok I had to say this because everytime I decid to come back BOOM !! The drama still happening . Hetalia amino is slowly falling apart 🙃
This is my OC Kuwait I'm still working on her and yes , she's chubby . If you're wondering what she's wearing, she's actually wearing abaya #aphoc #aphkuwait #hetaliaoc #hetaliakuwait #hetaliaarab #hetalia

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