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This was not taken anywhere near Halloween but who can tell, really... (Your eyes do not deceive you I had to post this again after accidentally deleting.)🙄
#TBT This was taken February 2018 so, you guessed it, it was FREEZING!!! WHAT POSSESSED ME TO TAKE OFF MY 30 LAYERS??? ARTISTIC INTEGRITY??? VANITY??? SELF-HATRED??? YOU DECIDE!!!
I realize I’ve been talking about the cold a lot but I found these and now I’m full of longing in my winter coat...
THE place to celebrate one whole month since finding ur matching weirdo!
Things I miss: 1) drinking @johnsjuice without freezing my ass 2) @johnsjuice in general be my work neighbors again damn who else is gonna make me feel tropical in this miserable cold????😩❤️❤️❤️ #notanadunfortunately #ijustlovethem
today in Business of Acting class we were talking about Branding Yourself™️ and boy oh boy did these come to mind lmaooo #FBF
We opened yesterday!!! Ah! This train ain’t stopping ‘till the LAST week of October!!! What!!! Incredibly humbled and grateful to be where I am right now, sharing the stage with fenomenal artists that were my professors just last year! Thankful beyond words for the amount of joy and exhilaration I get to experience almost every night alongside these people. So. Much. TALENT. FOLX! You do not want to miss Salome. The Link is in my bio, go go go!
lol getchu a mans that matches your weird ass #happynationalboyfriendday u sweet sweet boi
Denim Dress + Canadian Tuxedo = ... idk there’s a joke in there somewhere pick one
Damn, ABBA was playing in the background and there was a nice summer rain and I was at the top floor of the Millenium and thanking GOD for Gracie Kennedy’s birth. It is now Fall but I still love you and my engraved bathrobe.
It’s my best friend Crystal’s (@crys_angelica) birthday today. The day we took these was probably the most fun I’ve had in a while. I love you my corazoncito de yuca. Eres una estrella. Y una rata. Pero una rata linda e inteligente. Okay ya. Estas vieja.

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