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After she gave birth to me, the doctors told my mother that something is wrong with my left kidney and that I’m not gonna make it over 2 weeks, if they don’t operate me at the same day I was born. My mother asked them if there’s any chance that I can make it without that surgery, because of the fact that it was on my conditions to much risk for a few hours old baby to survive an organ removal. They told her it’s better to try and die in anaesthesia, as getting poisoned by my own kidney. My mother was sceptical. She asked again if there is still a chance. The answered:“ Just the strongest babies survive and regenerate that kind of defect.“ She said, fine, my baby boy is strong. He’s a fighter, I feel it.“ And I was. Later on she asked an other specialist about this whole situation and he was shocked by the fact that the other doctors wanted to operate me, just a few hours after I came into this world. Now 26 years and two weeks (the day I should’ve poisoned myself) later I’m still here. Sure they removed my left kidney when I was 20, but I survived that horrible time as well. I’m here, I’m living, I do my creative stuff and can afford me an existence with that. But without the deep believing in me from my mother, I would have never gotten this far. Thank you Mum and thank you life❤️ #lifeisgood #lifeisgood

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