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Memories of Video Game Live Streaming with friends on Twitch.Tv playing Move or Die. **Character: Cinnamon Toast Crunch** #MoveOrDie #move #videogames #ZeroHyperGaming #vgh808 #missdjm #twitch #twitchhawaii #pcgaming #steam #hawaii #sandiego #sanjose #newyork #cali #oahu #honolulu #Zstar #clintyoung #retrogaming #livestream #subscribe #follow #guttermagic #toast #videogames #missdjm #clintyoung #subscribe #guttermagic #cali #retrogaming #pcgaming #sanjose #zstar #hawaii #steam #twitchhawaii #twitch #vgh808 #honolulu #moveordie #oahu #newyork #zerohypergaming #move #follow #sandiego #livestream #toast
These make-up streams are growing on me. It's actually pretty fun. I get to interact much more with viewers. I am thinking of some fun cosplay makeup that would be fun. If I can keep this up, October is going to be a LOT of fun. This was yesterday's look. Pretty simple, brown smokey eye with a vampy lip. Can we also take a second to appreciate my God like bathroom lighting? LOLOL
I am just one away from the long awaited 2k milestone. Anyone want to help a girl out? Then push even further past that? [Link in bio] It's been a fun ride so far. Learned a lot of things along the way, been helped and supported by many, as well as helped and supported others. The grind never stops. Thank you to every single follower, viewer, sub, host, raid,..... EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!!! I will continue to grow and improved, but remember to never lose sight of who I am and why I started this journey. But thank you for joining me on this ride.
I did not know #OldHeadshotDay was a thing. So instead of finding a stupid ridiculous good one.... Here's one that was rejected and so cringy. I HATED this set. My mom was so incredibly adamant on me wearing this God awful outfit and this nightmare of a horror pose. Does my face look the least bit happy?! No. I was livid. Uncomfortable. Internally, I wanted to set this photographers studio on fire because he kept going with what my mom wanted. I no longer have the one that was used but it did end up hurting me more than helping. I looked much older than I was which lessened the parts I fit. I was only 11 in this photo. #oldheadshotday
Finished recording my segments of #TheCosmicBulletin for @Girlstreamers. So commences the 20 minutes of selfies because I did my makeup. Sometimes, it's ok to feel yourself. We focus too much on our flaws, that we lose sight of appreciating who we are. #thecosmicbulletin
I am stupid excited over coffee. I ordered a sample pack of @playeronecoffee. I couldn't decide on one, so TRY ALL THE COFFEE!!! But let's talk about this packaging, freaking cute! I love it. Especially this Leroy Jenkins label. Are you a coffee drinker? There a brand, flavor, technique that you love about your brew? How do you brew your coffee? Personally, I'd like to get a percolator soon. I won't say I'm a coffee aficionado, but I'm always down to try something new. Living on Kaua'i where there is a local farm and roaster, it's still one of the best coffee brands I've had. But I'm always looking for that brand that'll prove me wrong. I won't be opening them all at once, seems like a waste. But which one do you think I should try first? If you're interested in trying these yourself, be sure to click my link (in my bio) for 5% off. Promise this isn't sponsored or an ad. I did buy them myself. But always want to save people some money.

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