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The castle and the Pokémon Go players #pokemongo #pokemongofriends #karlsruhe
Ohne Pause und noch 1,5 Stunde Überstunde Waaaaas ist looooos?! Meine Pause ist nach der Arbeit und auf dem Weg nach Hause... Ich hab Hunger! 😖😫
Guten Morgen Brunch I'm a cold lover... Ice-cold showers Frigid weather Frozen foods Baby, my heart is as cold as the Boomerang Nebula...
Year of the Dragon! How did they know? Psychic Asians 😂 🤯 Joghurt Honigmelone mit Ananas Jelly
C H O My sources of carbs are still low-carb 😅 Ohhh Baby, when dark chocolate is life 😍🍫 #darkchocolate #carbs
S E L B S K O N T R O L L E Training several times in a week is easy Eating healthy is also easy The problem is that I don't eat the right portion sizes... I eat like a 200cm guy, and I'm only 150cm! 🤣 People around me say that my stomach is like a blackhole 😝 Cutting the fish fillet in half was like cutting my heart into pieces 💔 but it has to be done. #healthylifestyle #health #healthyliving #fitness

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