Response to @innervisioncrystals 💚MOLDAVITE 💚 My #1 love in the world of crystals, rocks, stones, minerals, gems, tektites and meteorites. This material has had the largest impact on me of anything else I’ve ever had the pleasure of loving. I love space stuff and have meteorites and other tektites....but there is undeniably something special about Moldavite. I am literally in love with it. It stole my heart. It is an ally and friend... it is soooo soothing that I get emotional. I would wear Moldavite clothing if it was available!! In the beginning of my relationship with Moldavite a few years ago, I had the unmistakable and very strong dizziness and electric tingles.... I loved every minute!! Within a month I went through an energetic cleanse and felt extremely intolerant of anything that didn’t come from a loving place. I parted ways with ease from several acquaintances, left my job, and noticed I’d become much more energetically sensitive. I feel like I have expanded.... I’m talking about my biofield. Like I’m radiating .... I love all things this stone brings me...and some things are uncomfortable as far as it triggering some purging and whatnot.... but I respect and LOVE and trust what is happening is leading me somewhere for my betterment. Mostly, Moldavite is so loving and awesome and I truly can’t put into words my love for it.... I really can’t. For some years now, Moldavite and I have resonated together and I literally cry at it’s beauty. There is nothing like it.... not even close...and it continues to fascinate me every day. It has had such an effect on so many people in so many different ways.... there is truly something amazing at work here! All the Moldavite in the photos are my personal pieces that I love with all my heart!!! #innervisioncrystals #moldavite#fortheloveofmoldavite#ilovemoldavite #tektites#emeraldthatfellfromsky #spacegems#mostpowerfulcrystal #crystals