(I said that today's wanna be fact is gonna bee longer. Let's see if gets any longer than yesterdays!) . •Palace of culture "Energetik"• . Pripyat's palace of culture is located in the centre of Pripyat, on Lenin Square. The Pripyat's iconic ferris wheel is situated to the rear of the building and that is one of the reasons why many tourists wisit Energetik. . Pripyat's palace of culture contains what's left of a theatre, cinema, gymnasium, swimming pool, library, boxing/wrestling ring, dancing and meeting halls and a shooting range in the basement. . The name "Energetik" is a play on words as it means both "energetic" (as in lively) and "power plant worker". . If you go and visit Energetik (I haven't, I've just been reading a lot) you should be noticing that in the upper floors of Energetik grows birch trees. The trees have taken root in the damp floor that was once a time protected by full length windows. (Just imagine a big mall (for example), where you've been, and there would grow a lot of trees there on the floor). . Someone might wonder why there aren't any windows. Well they broke thm during the decontamination of Pripyat, not just trough vandalism, but to prevent the buildup of radiation in enclosed spaces. . (I guess that will do for today) . ➡➡First picture: www.en.wikipedia.org⬅⬅ ➡➡Second picture: (sorry for the quality) www.forgottenisland.net⬅⬅ ➡➡Third picture: (sorry for bad quality) www.alamy.com⬅⬅ ➡➡Fourth picture: From the personal archives of Vitaly Kozlov⬅⬅ . 🔜🔜More coming soon! . 📰 Wanna suggest or tell me something? Just direct message me! 📰 . 📌 Hastags 📌 #chernobylaccident #chernobyl #pripyat #nuclearmeltdown #nuclearpowerplant #radioactive #radiation #contamination #ukraine #sovietunion #chornobyl #swimmingpool #energetik #pripyatzone #pripyatcity #pripyatukraine #pripyat