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Whenever my daughters go out, they know that I always appreciate it when the send me photo updates. My @whimsicalsushi sent me one last night... kaso magkasama naman kami. 😏🤪😏 • • It’s fun to go out with daughters because the bonding starts from the time we put on make up up until the wee hours of the night when we take it off. They have their own vanity but nakikisiksik pa din sila sakin. 👩‍👧‍👧💄💋 • • So last night after the wedding, we all road tested #lorealph’s new bi-phase #micellar water cleansing oil. Ang galing ha! It took out our long wearing makeup. Just shake, pour out to cotton, press to skin, and wipe out in gentle circular motion. Swipe to see the proof! No rinsing required na din. Which is perfect because... the Tita in me just wanted to crawl into bed. #waypastmybedtime #micellarmiracle @lorealph #waypastmybedtime #lorealph #micellarmiracle #micellar
So stoked to put down a stand up run today @perfski #graveltour coming away with 🥇! Thanks @darin_shapiro for an incredible few days at wakeboard camp! Shout out to @djohnsonwake for helping me out at my first solo competition! Also thanks @kauaimama.heathershapiro , @dillterra @joy_jacobsen for being my moms away from home 😍! #takesavillage #wakeboardinglife #wakeboarding #gromusa #gromsquad @gromusa @stance_wake @liquidforcese #turtle 🐢 #gromsquad #turtle #graveltour #gromusa #wakeboarding #takesavillage #wakeboardinglife
For adopted children, it’s a little tricky how you face what was before. But chuck and I have decided to face it honestly and beautifully and no more. It is not our story to tell. It is our sons’ story. As for us, we treasure and encourage every single memory they have pre-Van Hook days. We pray for their biological family daily. We remind them how much they look like their birth mom. We keep in contact with their biological siblings. And we make sure that they know everyone who was EVER a part of their story, loved them more than they’ll ever know. This picture is priceless to me. Sent by a family member. And treasured by her. My boys have always been inseparable. And I pray that continues on into forever. For all of the birth moms, adopting moms, stepmoms and godmothers, it takes a village and we know it. Every piece plays a vital role in completing the puzzle. Scrolling through pictures to delete in my phone, I found this one that I just had to share and must be framed and put up in the boys room ASAP. My little loves and their big brother. 💙💙 (clearly I’m missing my people.)
Can’t even begin to explain the feeling ! #proudmom doesn’t even come close ! My heart is literally skating outside my body ! She told me one year ago today that she wanted to skate in this contest and here she is ! Winning her age division ! Taking home a new skate deck ! She is so brave, dedicated and passionate! Her hard work has paid off. @lilsurfskatekirra special thanks to the @scboardroom for putting on such an amazing fun event!! And to all the aunties and uncles for their continued support ! #takesavillage 📷 @mrs.shay_p #proudmom #takesavillage
“If you want to go fast, go alone-if you want to go far, go with others” 🌵🌱✈️ We’ve been learning the value of community and unity, and we certainly are about to go far....preparing for a glorious trial-by-fire as the 17 of us hop on a plane to The Himalayas tomorrow...with no idea what’s really in store, but ready for lots of quality time together 😁🙏 Goes without saying maybe but there’s gonna be very little by way of WiFi out there but I will do my best to fill everyone in when possible! 🎥 Just be expectant of a delectable series of videos in two months when we return! #goingoffthegrid #goingoffthegrid #staytuned #adventureawaits #teamwork #takesavillage #desertplants #community #travelcouple #growslow #himalayas #itsonlynatural #growtogether

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