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When we take responsibility for our life, we step into our full power. We are no longer victims who cannot control our circumstances. We accept mistakes as an opportunity for growth. We aren’t quick to point the finger at the closest person when something goes wrong. We step up. We own it. Because we know that when we do this we are in control of our own lives. Your life cannot change from a place of ‘poor me’. The sooner you realise you are the one who is creating your whole life, the sooner you can create what you want 🌼
There is no such thing as fate or chance. We attract everything and everyone we encounter. I was reminded of this yesterday. I had one of those days where you start having a few negative thoughts & suddenly you feel overwhelmed with doubt. Even when we know we have no reason to feel this way. It was a perfect day for some self-care and I was relieved to know I had a facial booked in. When I arrived at the spa, I felt instantly connected to the woman who began my treatment. It didn’t take long before she asked me what I do. My explanation prompted her to ask for some advice on her daughter. She kept apologising that she was ‘making me work while I was supposed to be relaxing’ but I felt grateful to be able to share what I thought. At the end of my treatment she thanked me profusely and said ‘you have no idea how much you have helped me Jade, you have said so much that I had never thought of. I truly believe the universe brought us together today’. On a day where I was filled with doubt and fear. This woman reminded me of how it is my purpose to bring clarity and assurance to other people’s lives, something I am so passionate about. 〰️ Never doubt the times someone tells you something that strikes a cord with you. The moments that change your whole perspective. The random events that make you think twice. We can choose to write them off for being chance or fluke. But they never are. Everything is operating in divine order and timing. You simply attract what you need to know. Oh and then she gave me a generous discount (talk about money manifestation) that I did not see coming! You give, then you receive. Always 💝 #divineorder #divinetiming #moneymanifestation #divinetiming #divineorder #moneymanifestation
You will not create the future you desire by living in the past. Are you holding on to a relationship that has ended? Feeling resentful for someone else’s poor behaviour? Beating yourself up over a mistake you made years ago? Feeling guilty for someone you let down? I did all of this and more. I thought if I let go, I would be pretending the past never happened. I wasn’t ready to act like it was all okay. But it was, because it was over. Today, I am grateful for the past. It allowed me to change and grow. To determine what serves me. To become sure of myself and what I want in my life. Your past has shaped who YOU are today. Someone who is resilient. Someone who can change. Someone who is still here. Love it & leave it. You are safe to create a future that looks nothing like the past 🐛🦋 #loveitandleaveit #loveitandleaveit
The approval you are desperately searching for is only occurring because you have not committed to LOVING yourself. I can easily tell when someone doesn’t truly love themselves. Their energy is focused on approval from others, material items, feeling superior, being right or popularity. I knew I didn’t love myself when I believed I had to be perfect. If I hadn’t achieved my goals or got something wrong, I wasn’t good enough for self-love. Seeking validation in ANYTHING outside of ourselves, will not bring us the fulfilment we are looking for. Self-love is the same kind of love we have for a pet, a child or a grandparent. It’s unconditional. It has no limits. It does not change if we make a mistake or if someone dislikes us. It’s the acceptance of who you are right now, with all people, in every situation. Make the commitment to yourself and watch your life change in every possible way. #selflove #louisehay #louisehay #selflove
You are living and breathing because you have a purpose to fulfil. This purpose does not involve becoming a prisoner to the mundane. Or falling so deep into your comfort zone you don’t know the way out. Many of us live a life that is buried in fear and doubt. And whilst ALL of us experience these emotions. The choice to live in it, is yours to make. I knew if I ever wanted to get out of my own way, I would have to make decisions I had never made. I would have to stop hiding in the shadows. I could no longer live in fear. You are not going to wake up to your dreams being handed on a silver platter. The love of your life is never going to knock on your door. Your business will not build itself. When we take action, we kill the fear we have clung too. We stop worrying about what others think. We stop waiting for our lives to change. If you are ready to start taking the steps to begin your transformation. To release the fear. To fulfil your purpose. DM me for details on my program 🌟
I knew Michelle and Elisa were true friends when making plans to catchup wasn’t some difficult task. When I could be my true self and never feel judged. When our conversations consisted of dreams, experiences and plans, not other people. 〰️ I used to feel so lonely in previous friendships, I knew in my gut I couldn’t rely on some of the people I called friends. So much pressure is placed on young girls and women to be popular, however being popular doesn’t often involve honest relationships. We end up with a lot of people who know who we are but don’t know who we truly are. 〰️ My biggest piece of advice for anyone wanting to attract true friendships is to become the kind of friend you want to have. Give yourself permission to walk away from any friendship that does not serve you. We are all worthy of having amazing friendships.
Wayne Dyer always hits the nail on the head 👏🏻 Judging others is second nature in society. We’ve all done it. People have done it to us. But why do we do it? Because we’re bored? Because we want to feel superior? Because we believe if negative attention is on someone else it won’t be on us? Fulfilment cannot be created by talking badly about another. Good energy cannot radiate from someone who consistently judges. I listen SO closely now to what people say when they talk about others. This is a dead giveaway as to how they will talk about YOU when you’re not around. This is never personal. This has nothing to do with you. This is simply a reflection of how they feel within themselves. When you talk about others, what does this say about you? 👉🏼👩🏼🧑🏾🧔🏻
How can you be a better person today? Can you truly listen to what someone is saying without judging them? Can you do a favour for someone without expecting anything in return? Can you be completely honest with a friend even if it may not be what they want to hear? I used to put up walls with people because I didn’t want anyone to know the real me. I was afraid of being overly friendly because I didn’t want people to take advantage of me. I thought if I was assertive all the time, no one would push me around. These are simply defensive mechanisms from someone who feels she cannot be her true self. Being real, loving and considerate shows more courage than anyone trying to be powerful and aggressive. Giving to others, never takes from you. Choose love, give love, be love 🧡💛
I used to put so much energy into what I felt I ‘should’ be doing and ‘should’ be achieving. I’ve also had many conversations with people who say they’re not where they ‘should’ be. Louise Hay said she wanted to ban the word ‘should’ from our vocabulary and I agree. When we say this word, we make ourselves or another wrong. We instantly place blame. Where you’re at, is where you’re supposed to be. Whether that’s having a baby, getting promoted or taking a nap. There is no race. No competition. Your journey is yours to figure out. It took me years to realise I had a life purpose that went beyond sitting at a desk. That didn’t involve what I thought I ‘should’ be doing. That meant believing in something I couldn’t yet see. Want to get clear on your life purpose? Feel sure of your journey? Begin the transformation you keep dreaming of? DM me for details 👣
Are you waiting for your life to change or creating the change you want? We have the option to let life happen to us. To let our pasts define us. To keep behaving how we always have and hope that we get a different result. However, we also have the option to let life happen for us. To respond rather than react. To put our energy into bettering ourselves and becoming a kinder person. Remember that each day you wake up, you are given a choice - to be a helpless victim or take responsibility for your life. If you want to see change, you must step up and do something you’ve never done. You must release any limiting beliefs you’ve held onto. You must decide that your life is going to be different 🌼🌟🌏
Random facts about me! I am OBSESSED with fresh brewed chai @pranachai. I’m so blessed to live in a city that sells this stuff on tap. I’ve made it myself at home but nothing compares to barista made chai at a Melbourne cafe. 〰️ It doesn’t matter what time I get home, where I am in the world, or if I’ve had a few drinks 🍸 I shower before getting into bed. Makeup needs to be off, teeth brushed etc. I have a solid routine and nothing stands in the way of it 🧖🏼‍♀️ 〰️ I’m not a fan of small talk! I would much rather talk to someone about their dreams, hopes and fears than make basic chit chat. I understand that it’s polite but I find it kind of inauthentic! 💁🏼‍♀️
When we truly love ourselves, life becomes easier. We feel comfortable asking for what we want and turning away anything we don’t. We no longer feel the need to hurt or blame anyone. We take responsibility for who we are and give ourselves and others time to grow. I used to think self-love was ridiculous, even uncomfortable. How could I love myself when I am so far from perfect? Isn’t it arrogant to love yourself? I wasn’t aware that the love I had for myself, determined my entire life. Do you truly love and approve of yourself? Can you stand up for what you believe in? Can you forgive yourself and others for past mistakes? Can you accept yourself for who you are in this moment? Self-love begins here. Never when we’re perfect. Never when someone else approves. But with us, right now 💖 #selflove #selfassurance #selfworth #selfworth #selflove #selfassurance
Anything you have to force, is not for you. When we want something so much, it’s normal to keep trying, keep pushing. Even if we feel exhausted, even if our gut tells us to stop. I made a decision a while ago to no longer engage with people who drained me. To no longer partake in situations that may sound good, but instinctively don’t feel right. A good way to know if a situation is right for you is to ask yourself, does this go against my values? Is it flowing and easy? Are there any red flags? Anything that is meant for you, will be yours. Release the control, the white-knuckle grip. Trust in the process, you are always on the right path 🌩🌤☀️ #letitgo #flow #trusttheprocess #letitgo #flow #trusttheprocess
In the past, I had many relationships that were not aligned with my true self. I remember everyday I spent with these people, I felt less and less like me. I would engage in conversations I didn’t agree with. I behaved like someone I wasn’t. I was lying to myself, because who I was and how I was acting were two different people. I was so afraid that if I were my true self, I would have no one. When you are with your family, friends, co-workers or partner, are you your true self? Do you feel fulfilled and relaxed around them? Do they bring out the best in you? When I stepped into my true self. It was no surprise that relationships ended. But what surprised me is how easily I was able to attract people who were just like me. When we have relationships that allow us to feel like we belong, they are the people you need to hold close. They are a reflection of you 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ Do you want to know how to attract healthy relationships? No longer fear being your true self? End toxic relationships? If so, my program is for you. #truefriends #realrelationships #healthyrelationships #realrelationships #healthyrelationships #truefriends

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