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Do you know what's that? That's Monarch butterfly, they do migrate across continents from all the way to Canada to Mexico during winters. And since Texas comes just in their final path to Mexico.. they rest in campus ❤️ and enjoy some nectar. I always wanna see a Monarch, they seems fascinating to me when I read about them in an elementary school; have no idea it will happen like this while walking down for my graduate classes. We have lots of wishes and small-small things that we dreamt of, that might dull with the time in your mind but universe takes care of that, so keep on dreaming and imagining things that you gonna do in your life and may be you bump into one, one day! Who knows. #reference_mylife #anindian_lady_intexas #anindian_lady_intexas #reference_mylife
"People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life, like loving every body all the time and being nice, right?" Well, Dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay for as long as we do. Live Simply . Love Generously . Care deeply . Speak kindly #reference_mylife To all those lovely tails I encountered in my life till now, To all those mesmerizing eyes that make me felt loved purely. No matter you are here in planet or beyond galaxies now🖤 I loved you back😶 and I meant it. . . P.S- As soon as I am completing this course I am gonna take your leave Humans 🖤😶 #reference_mylife

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