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Few marriage rituals seems funny yet amazing if you enjoy like this woman I know 😆 As her name "khusi" justified enough, cause she never fails to add nasolabial folds on me when ever I greet her. This one is the picture of her sisters wedding and her irresistible urge to dance on dhamaal🤣 High five Kushi Di✋🏽 #reference_mylife #reference_mylife
Long emotional writing ahead, read at own risk.😶 My father is a BSP employee and believe me he never does the effort to let us visit the Plant (as they allow you in, after some paperwork and permission with the proper safety) I didn't actually visited the Bhilai steel Plant yet, people come all the way from different cities to have this experience. Btw My father is employed now for more than 25 years here and in all those years this is the 1st picture of him standing with his gang I found out. He never told us how hard the condition is there, how hard he have to work in that extreme conditions, how risky is that and above all returning back with the smile and sarcasm in those greasy black clothes. This is all when he is of officer grade( you can imagine how tough the work is for all) ... whatever "He works" and I guess everytime we asked him to visit his workplace he simply nod his head like why you want to visit in that heat! Coming back to the picture the man in the left with the closed eye is him🙄 and I am like "Man how you click selfie with closed eye"😂 (I got eyes like him, when I laugh it hardly remains opened). Thank God I got this picture from his new phone he bought while experimenting with his camera and selfie skills😂 which is damn bad like me again otherwise he's about to delete it😂 so possessive🙄🖤. Anyways this Selfie holds a place in my profile 🤣🖤❤ cheers to the few in my feeds. #reference_mylife #bhilai #reference_mylife #bhilai
Believe me or not the picture may not be that mesmerizing cause I don't own a DSLR. Still the view which my eye lens and heart captured is worth millions. The evergreen moon love and the perspective of seeing nature, I feel it like blessings. Cause I have seen people spending there time in 'Concrete Forest' and never appreciating the nature or may be not even trying to see it. Showing off things that are non-deserving in terms of mental peace. I always feel like lying down alone or with few of my closed ones, who connect with me and do star and moon gazing in the dark night. Blessed 🖤 #reference_mylife #reference_mylife

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