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There isn’t a right or wrong way to do business, just the ALIGNED way. . . And just ‘cause something was aligned yesterday, that doesn’t mean it’s aligned today! . Keep checking in to see what feels good now. . What would feel an aligned way to message? To sell? To grow your following? . Maybe what’s aligned right now, is to go for a walk and then check in with yourself again afterwards? . What I’ve come to realise is, forcing yourself to work through a “to do list” creates bad energy. And so does doing shiznit you feel you “should do” . There’re plenty of ways to do business, why wouldn’t you choose to be in alignment as often as possible? . Why wouldn’t you want it to be fun? . . So if you’re feeling bored and out of alignment with your biz, think of HOW you want to do it, right now. What would be the FUN way? What do you fancy doing? Then go do THAT instead of the stuff you’ve been doing that’s left you feeling yucky, or meh!🤨 . If you don’t, you’ll generate more of the same; More yucky / meh - ness! More unaligned clients and followers. Or even more crickets!!! . Your work is WANTED and NEEDED. Get it out into the world, serving others and fulfilling you, in a way that you enjoy. In a way that lights you up. In an aligned way! . Tina xoxo . . P.S. Calling all those in need of more CONFIDENCE! Yes you, who’re hiding away. Playing too small. Perhaps short on the old self worth... I have a new program JUST FOR YOU and ‘cause I’m looking to Beta test it, you get to go through it for a STUPENDOUSLY LOW price, in exchange for feedback at the end🤘🤘 Message me for further details, or get in on this now by securing your spot here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=2AGR4DL6L8ND6 Tina x #choosealignment #womaninbiz #everythingisachoice #businessshouldbefun #alignment #shybusinessowner #boredinyourbiz #introvertedentrepreneur #womanempowerment #notaverage #shybusinesswomen
Long story short (at least I think this’ll be fairly short!) I’m sick of seeing everyone’s highlight reel on social. And if you’re anything like me and I get that most people aren’t!!! You’ll be sick of it too. . Yes palm trees and sandy beaches are very Instagram worthy. But I’m sick of seeing them! And don’t get me started on the obligatory “sausage legs” pictures!🤷🏻‍♀️ . Personally, I don’t enjoy travel and I know most people can’t wrap their head around that fact. But I just don’t give a flying f***, so don’t try to convince me otherwise in the comments! I don’t care for it. I don’t want it. And I LOVE my country. I LOVE my city. And my new town. And all of the “normalness” and “down to earthness” the UK has to offer. . What’s my point?🤷🏻‍♀️ . My point is, as that’s what I’m about, then that’s what I’ll reflect in my posts. No cropping litter out of my images. No delete and do it again. Delete and do it, AGAIN... . I’m down to earth. My content should reflect that then. . I’m looking forward to having some fun taking some more “down to earth” images too! And showcasing where I live. - one of the BEST countries in the world✅ . . Are YOU reflecting who you’re about on social? Are you only trying to put out “perfect” images? Are you guilty of the old “sausage legs” pictures?! . Have the courage to be 💯 yourself online. Those that don’t like it, can follow someone else. There’s a WHOLE LOAD of other folk doing what you do (soz!) So there’s someone for everyone to follow. What makes you, YOU, is what’s gonna set you apart. What makes you, DIFFERENT, is what’s gonna attract your people. . Even if you think you’re the only one who thinks a certain way, you’re NOT! So stand up for what you are, what you believe in, and be the beacon for others like you. For others who can get behind you and what you’re doing. For those who’ll LOVE your sense of humour, darkness, honestly, or whatever. . Just. Do. You. . Tina xoxo #ownit #womaninbiz #shybusinessowner #ownwhoyouare #successlookslikethis #femaleentrepreneur #mindsetcoachingforwomen #standforsomething #notaverage #shybusinesswomen #beyourself #introvertedentrepreneur #highlightreel #mindsetandconfidencecoach #confidencecoachingforwomen #justdoyou
UNLEASH. AND BE ALL OF YOU. ALWAYS. I know you can do it. Tina 💕x P.S. click the link in my bio above if you’re a female, introverted entrepreneur, small business owner, or holding yourself back in biz AND life in any way. I post journaling prompts and other SUPER VALUABLE content daily, to help you get your mind right and your ass in gear!!! Love to see you in there, Tina 💕x #bevisible #shybusinessowner #successlookslikethis #confidencecoach #notaverage #shybusinesswomen #unleash #femaleempowerment #elevate #mindsetcoach #introvertedentrepreneur #journalingprompts #mindsetmatters #justdoyou #releasethefear #introvertedboss
Self care isn’t something to feel guilty about. Self care isn’t something to skip, when short on time. Self care is VITAL in so many ways. . Being stressed, for prolonged periods of time is dangerous. . So go take a long, hot bubble bath and shut the world out!! 🛁 No guilt needed whatsoever!😘 . Tina xoxo . By the way, I’m running a 5 day Self Care Challenge inside my closed Facebook group and it starts THIS Monday (3rd) To be a part of it, join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/463886477377401/ #guiltfree #selfcarechallenge #womeninbiz #successlookslikethis #shybusinessowner #introvertedentrepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #selfcare #notaverage #shybusinesswomen
Spending some quality time today, looking at ALL areas of my life, not just business. And then I’ll be raising my standards, as it’s our standards (and habits) that create our results. . It’s time to go to the next level in ALL areas. And the only way to make that happen, is to measure. To see where I am now and COMMIT to where I want to be. To raise the bar. To not settle. . Why settle when we hold the power to create whatever we want? It makes no sense! . This stuff ain’t easy, but neither is being broke, overweight, being surrounded by people that don’t get you and try to sabotage you, being anxious, not growing and lacking in confidence!!! . It’s a case of “pick your hard!” And I’m choosing to elevate my life in ALL areas. I’m getting even more clarity on what I want to achieve and making DEFINITE plans and habits to get there. To be at the standards I choose. . How about you? What standards have you set yourself and are you really holding yourself to them? Or have you let certain areas slide, in which case, you’ve actually lowered your standards! . It’s really worth scheduling some time to take stock and to decide what you’re willing to tolerate and NOT tolerate. . Tina xo
My 5 day #selfcare challenge starts Monday 3rd September. . To join in, click the link in my bio above and join us in my closed Facebook group ☝️☝️💕x #womeninbiz #ourhabitscreateourlife #ladyboss #itsuptoyou #mindsetcoachforwomen #nonnegotiables #shybusinessowner #loveyourself #selfcareisvital #formgoodhabits #lifecoach #successlookslikethis #confidencecoach #selfcareroutine #notaverage #selfcarecoaching #womenentrepreneurs #introvertedentrepreneur #femalepreneur #selfcare
Do you have a pattern of not finishing what you started? . . Or have you just bought into that idea?🤔😘 . . Affirm; I always achieve my goals. I ALWAYS achieve my goals. . Tina xo
It all went south in a split second!😔 . . As you might or might not know, I take Wednesday’s off. . Both my upholstery business AND my coaching business are closed for the day and hubby and I go out for the day. . Yesterday we were in Nottingham and popped into a restaurant / bar we like, right opposite Nottingham Castle. . As it was still in the AM, I had a cranberry juice! . Anyhoo, as we left said bar, I remember thinking to myself that I really ought to put my phone away in my bag, instead of just having it constantly in my hand. . Next thing, I was flying towards the floor, thinking wtaf?!! . I landed on my right knee, grazed my right arm and badly sprained my left ankle. . And smashed my phone screen!!! - I think I manifested THAT.😣 . Long story short, I’m OK but sore and shaken up a little bit. . It probably didn’t help I went flying and hit the deck in front of a load of tourists! . And a couple of council workers who came rushing over to help and see if I needed an ambulance. They were really concerned and not laughing lol! . So today I’m sat at home with my foot up - it’s hard to get comfortable as my knee’s sore too. And I’m just gonna rest. . I’m annoyed about my walking challenge that I’ve been doing this month. I only have a week to go and THIS happens. But I’m far enough ahead that I think, no I KNOW I’ll still make it, just by pottering around the house. . I actually believe I manifested my ankle too. I actually thought about “what if I twist my ankle?” the other day! (I have weak ankles and roll them fairly often) . BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT, ‘cause you’ll bring it into being!!! . I’m gonna probably be a little quieter over the next couple of days, as I’m just gonna take this situation and turn it into a positive. . I’m gonna chill. I’m gonna read - have been neglecting that a bit lately. I’m gonna get some admin done and I’m also gonna do some brainstorming too. And ENJOY it! . A change is as good as a rest and I’m getting a rest too, so who knows what good will come out of this? . Shout up if you need me. I’ll probably be on the sofa lol! . Tina💕 #womaninbiz #manifestations #becarefulwhatyoufocuson #femaleentrepreneurs #shybusinessowner #mixitup #introvertedentrepreneur #focus #ceolife #selfcare
🚨Honesty Alert & GIVEAWAY!🚨 . . O.K. I admit it. I seriously NEED to build my email list back up, after the whole GDPR debacle! And I've been a bit slack at promoting my email list lately to be fair. . Also, I need help beta testing something and so hence, . THE GIVEAWAY! ----------------------- . I'm giving away 2, Free 1 to 1 coaching spots. YES. GIVING AWAY!😮 . THE DETAILS ------------------- . Each 1 to 1 coaching spot is for 2 WHOLE WEEKS and includes; . 1x initial 45 minute call over FaceTime or Messenger video call. . 1x 45 minute call the following week. . 1x 45 minute call at the end of the 2 weeks. . UNlimited support via Facebook Messenger | voice notes. (usually answered pretty quickly, but please allow up to 12 hours in case I'm sleeping or something comes up! Likely it won't.) . HOW TO ENTER ----------------------- . Here's where the email list comes in lol! You need to first SUBSCRIBE to my list here: http://eepurl.com/dAHuFL (type out into your browser) . THEN, once you've been successfully added to "the list" shoot me an email and tell me why YOU need to receive this opportunity. . *once we've completed the 2 weeks together, there'll be a VERY SHORT questionnaire to fill in, which will help me to improve my offers. . GOOD LUCK🍀 Tina xoxo . P.S. I’ll be picking the 2 lucky winners Monday 3rd September, so you need to hurry!⛸ #womaninbiz #leap #freecoaching #shybusinessowner #liveyourbestlife #womanempowerment #mindsetcoaching #successlookslikethis #notaverage #shygirlboss #elevate #mindsetcoachuk #introvertedentrepreneur #confidencecoaching #mindsetmatters #holdingyourselfback #confidencecoachforwomen
Do ya know what? I love Nike’s line JUST DO IT. . STOP bloody overthinking and JUST DO IT already. STOP talking yourself out of talking action. STOP building things up to be WAY BIGGER than they really are. . JUST. DO. IT. . I have my own saying... JUST OWN IT! . OWN you’re good enough. OWN you’re pretty enough - you ARE 💯 OWN you’re different. OWN you know enough already. OWN the fact you’ve seen and done some shiz and come out the other side. OWN your weirdness!!!🤪🤩 . OWN all of it ‘cause it’s worth a LOT. . People NEED what you have | know. People NEED YOU to show up for them. To lead them. To go first. To show them the way. People NEED your product or service. But most of all... they NEED YOU to stop doubting yourself, being such a massive INTROVERT, HIDING or just playing at 47% ‘cause you’re scared! . So what if you do a livestream and no one watches? . And? . So what if you write a blog post and some random comments, that you should “get your tits out”?!!! 🙄🤭😔(soz!) . That shiznit does NOT matter. SHOULD NOT MATTER. And will only matter if YOU give it energy. . So yeah babe. JUST OWN IT! . Tina xo . . P.S. want to coach with me for £nothing?!🤔 You GOTTA check this out then! 🚫💰🚫💰🚫 https://www.facebook.com/877379198987176/posts/1862505250474561/ #ownit #ownyourquirks #getoutofyourhead #justdoit #womaninbiz #justownit #shybusinessowner #mindsetcoach #introvertedentrepreneur #successlookslikethis #confidencecoach #jfdi #mindsetmatters #notaverage
Are you REALLY excited about your current goals?🤔 Or do you need to 10X them? Make them SO BIG you don’t know how you’ll do it? Make them SO BIG and EXCITING you have to change and grow, think differently. And become ENERGISED A F? . Tina xo #womaninbiz #standupandstandout #yougotthis #energised #shybusinessowner #legacy #liveyourbestlife #successlookslikethis #femaleentrepreneur #notaverage #10x #makeadifference #makeanimpact #thinkbigger #introvertedentrepreneur #gobig #biggoals #buildyourdreamlife
Are you really making PROGRESS, or are you still at the same level as you’ve been at for the last few months? . PROGRESS doesn’t necessarily mean making money | more money. PROGRESS could mean more engagement on your posts, more people on your email list, or more confidence. . Can you HONESTLY say you’ve made PROGRESS? 🤔🤔🤔 . Tina xo . P.S. if you’re SERIOUS about making PROGRESS, come join us in the Mindset & Motivation - for Introverted Entrepreneurs Facebook group, ☝️click the link in my bio above☝️ See you there!💕 #womaninbiz #stepup #shybusinessowner #selfconscious #actioncreatesconfidence #mindsetcoaching #successlookslikethis #createyourresults #stopholdingyourselfback #notaverage #confidencecoaching #areyoumakingprogress #actioncreatesresults #makeprogressnotexcuses #introvertedentrepreneur #jfdi
Are you too self conscious to use video and Livestreams?☺️☺️ . Can’t quite pluck up the courage, yet actually want to? . I’ve just gone live about this very subject, inside of the Mindset & Motivation - for Introverted Entrepreneurs Facebook group. . Join us inside the group and get access to it (I’m pretty candid about how I feel about it all!)☺️ . Tina💕 Click the link in my bio above to send a request to join us☝️x #stepup #womaninbiz #mindsetcoachforwomen #selfconscious #shybusinessowner #scaredtogolive #womanempowerment #successlookslikethis #mindsetcoaching #notshowingup #notaverage #confidececoaching #livestreaming #selfconsciousbizowner #scaredtostream #introvertedentrepreneur #scaredofvideo #taketheleap #mindsetmatters #thequeenofkeepingitreal

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