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When that one square glass mosaic is angled at just the right angle to flare into the lens. • Visited lots of temples the past couple of days throughout Bangkok and Ayutthaya, the old capitol of Thailand. Met a ton of friendly humans. Drank a healthy amount of Chang beers. Now headed north to Chiang Mai and Pai area. Good vibes for days #thailand #bangkok #aemphoto
We have 11 days left of the build and a big ups to the @pacificrimpark team is deserved. • During construction today I heard screams coming from the ocean. At first I didn’t think much of it. But then I heard another and realized it wasn’t a playful scream. Curiously concerned, I pointed my camera out and zoomed in to what looked like someone drowning extremely far from shore. We all stopped what we were doing. A handful of guys swam out as fast as possible. Another ran down the beach to alert the lifeguards and get a boat sent out. Turns out, a father and his two sons were sent off a jet ski then separated by strong currents and wind. • We are here to build a peace park in 29 days. Today, we saved three lives. #prpdocumentary
PE class, a universal language. Despite our language barrier I could tell these guys in the background were laughing and poking fun at whoever I pointed the camera at. Just like da boiz back home would. • There’s nothing better than using my camera as a way to break past these imaginary barriers. After all, non-verbal communication makes up 70% of the messages we send right? Smile and show respect. We’re all human, we’re all connected. Let’s start acting as such #prpdocumentary #china #yantai #aemphoto
An endless sunset while flying over the Pacific Ocean. Shooting a documentary in Yantai, China for @pacificrimpark. Follow along as we design and build a public peace park in one lunar cycle #prpdocumentary #lettherebepeace #pacificrim
We’re officially live @thesdchronicle. Est. Now. Super excited about this platform to tell stories around America’s Finest City. Whether you bleed SD blood or are a transplant, I hope you find the content to be informative, honest and engaging. Our first episode of Crafting Community w/ Conversation is about SoccerCity. A proposal to build a soccer stadium, entertainment venue and apartments where the empty Qualcomm stadium now sits. The other proposal? SDSU West. What’s your take? Go check out the full-length clip in bio and let me know what you think. Interested in being on the next episode? Have a topic that you would like us to cover? Be a part of the conversation. Hit the DM! Follow along @thesdchronicle Big ups to @dikeanyiwo @gutbranding @gnarrrwahl #sdc #sandiegochronicle #sandiego #california #estnow
Midnight Rainbow 🌈 🌕 My favorite thing about long exposures is capturing something the eye couldn’t see. Check out the rainbow top left. A storm was rolling through to the west, full moon rising to our east. We could see shadows in the middle of the night. Little did we know there was a midnight rainbow on the horizon. Nature is rad. Get out there #imaginarymagnitude #aemphoto

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