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Gohan VS Shino . Click the Link in the Bio to join The Decent Spot for more #AfrOtaku discussions and memes! . Who was the Biggest Disappointment? . . Some characters have all the potential to be great but then just become sub par. Let's see who was the most disappointing... . Tag us & Repost using #VSTuesday
ITS LITT!! .. Okay Okay I got to admit I was dumb for not figuring out this Kaido is a dragon mystery. It makes sense .. Who's fruit did Caesar use for his experiments? Momonoske partial transformation? That Dragon at Punk Hazard...okay maybe not the dragon lol.
It's refreshing to see other top tier niggas that aren't associated with pirates or marines. .. Whether its Dragon's army, fujitora and green bull, the underworld, and now the Bandits. I'm happy to see that Oda is adding other folks to the mix.
I'm not gone sleep on Shinobu... .. She might be big but she's a ninja for a reason...πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
#PUTSOMERESPECKON Sunday! We take a character from a Anime or Manga and ask y'all to comment & share and PUT SOME RESPECK ON they name! . . PUT SOME RESPECK ON... . Enter: #LightningMax Series: #OnePunchMan . SLIGHT RESPECK -Took on the Sea King - He has Lightning Powers cmon . Put some more RESEPECK on his name by tagging us and reposting using #PSRSunday . . SIDENOTE: Let us know what other characters need some RESPECK put on they name and we may feature them in a future #PSRSunday
TIME TO GO IN... .. All ya'll niggas that say Naruto not that bad of a father to Boruto well here's your evidence.... .. This nigga Naruto walked Kawaki around town with as his real self buying him all kinds of food and what not and now he showing him hella fatherly love??. This nigga Naruto couldn't even show up to his own daughters' birthday..MISS ME WITH THAT ... Naruto you a trash ass father. You worse than Sasuke.
So she can cut hypothetical things too?? .. Mashima be giving out these broken as powers but they wasted on villains who gone get they ass kicked with the power of friendship.
Hmm....πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ The one page respecks might be coming back...we back with the corny friendship bs.
Yoooo .. I'm done with Eren...I hate him so much as a character. ... He just an angry kid. I don't even know what his point is anymore?
I feel like these titans get new powers every week... .. How the hell did they even use that in the past?

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