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Day 329/265: packing in a few more family photo sessions before the end of the year. Doesn't matter the season, the textures of the Brickworks makes it a great spot to visit year round #ntp2018p365
Day 328/365: ninja warrior training doesn't stop because it's winter #ntp2018p365
Day 322/365: been a long while since the mixer came out for cookies. Need to make it a more regular thing again #ntp2018p365
Day 315: too-cool and too-cool-in-training #sisters #bearandchumbi #siblinghoodlove #ntp2018p365
Day 314: I use a blow dryer maybe 4 times a year and one such special occasion that warrants it is family photos! With ME in them!!! @willowbirchphoto had a lovely set up for their holiday minis! Even the Mr. who dreads family photos had fun! 📷: @jennydiazphotography
Day 313/365: a blow out in preparation of family photos tomorrow #ntp2018p365
Day 311/365: it's so much better when they cooperate and are helpful in the mornings #bearandchumbi #ntp2018p365
Day 310/365: I didn't get a great picture of the girls in their costumes on Halloween. I put a lot of time into costume making so wasn't above making them dress up again just so grab some pics #bearandchumbi #ntp2018p365
Day 309/365: woah! a post! I fell off the face of the planet with this project 365 for a few weeks but hoping to catch-up (a bit) and end off the year on a good note #ntp2018p365

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