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Day 307/365: this has now become a regular ritual which is referred to as "yee-haw" #bearandchumbi #ntp2018p365 #yeehaw
Day 305/365: maybe next year I'll get organized and we can take the group photo before it's basically black out #ntp2018p365 #kidsofnomo
Day 304/365: I make the same face when I'm focused on something #ntp2018p365
Day 295/365: tis the season for princess dance parties #ntp2018p365 #bearandchumbi
Day 294/365: we're so happy @goatcoffeeco came to our area. I don't frequent as much since mat-leave ended but when I do it's a happy treat. A few weeks back they celebrated 4 years in the hood with a combination of 2 of our favourite things - goats and coffee! Proceeds from the event were used to buy a herd of goats through @plancanada 's program. So much goodness. Can't wait til next year! 🐐☕️ #grazeatthegoat #ntp2018p365
Day 293/365: another weekend another honour to shoot 2nd for @willowbirchphoto, this time with @jennydiazphotography. Looking back the photos are filled with warmth, but it was a brisk day out in wine country. Jenny in all her sweetness didn't hesitate to offer her sweater to the bride in between shots. #ntp2018p365
Thinking back to our trip to Vancouver and discussions of giving up the busy city life to open a goat farm in the country.
Day 291/365: #thejuicifer has assumed her position for the fall and winter #ntp2018p365
Day 286/365: had the honour of being asked to shoot with @willowbirchphoto for the beautifully adorable wedding of a wedding photographer, Pressure was on but @zurry lead us through a great day! #shesapro
Day 284/365: without words they just got up on the bed and started snuggling each other #best #siblinghoodlove #sisters #bearandchumbi #ntp2018p365
Day 283/365: lots of buzzing #operationgame #ntp2018p365 #bearandchumbi #sisters

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