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🔊 It’s this guys birthday weekend! He’s had a pretty big year, but nothing can stop him 💪🏽💪🏽 Who needed February 2018 anyway?! ..................... Too soon? 😬🤔 P.S. please bombard him with messages and calls @c.burnell.7 #thesplitcayecaulker
I’m sure at one point (or many) as kids we couldn’t stand each other but I’m glad we got over it. Thanks sibs (& spouses) for taking me on an amazing 30th bday trip! I sure loved earning my wings as “co-pilot” out to the blue hole 🛩 Definitely recommend Ambergris Caye, golf cart driving is the way to go!! #travelfarandwide #mysibsarecoolerthanyours #tropicairbelize #blueholebelize #wondersoftheworld #travel
I’m not usually a big zoo fan but the @dallaszoo was pretty great and watching Brynlea feed the giraffes was priceless! #funwiththefranciscos
Turning 30 ain’t no thing when you get the best birthday messages, have the beach all to yourself and get to enjoy sunsets like this! And we’re not sure why Brynlea is calling me Mrs. Alli instead of Aunt but she’s 2 so... 🤷🏽‍♀️ #bajamexico #bajacleanse #lifeisgood #clearmindcleanbody 🧘🏽‍♀️#notsodirtythirty
Happiest of birthdays to this hot momma! 🎉 She’s the family photographer so finding a photo with her can sometimes be hard but there are usually some good ones of her trying to take the perfect pictures on our family adventures. This is a woman who will drop anything she’s doing to help us kids, our spouses, the grandkids and even the dogs. She will work tirelessly to plan our perfect vacations, drive to dallas to find me an apartment when I can’t get there myself. She will fix anything for us, sew us whatever we can’t sew ourselves, build us things we don’t have the patience to build ourselves, paint our houses and even shop for us. And on this special birthday of hers she listed her 3rd and 4th flip houses!! 👏🏽 I’m not biased or anything but they’re pretty awesome! Thank you mom for all you do, I’m sure all us kids of yours can attest to the fact that we don’t thank you enough. Happy happy birthday!!! #bestmom
Our first ball game of the season! Thanks @heyjeffberry for some awesome seats⚾️ #playball #texasrangers #globelifepark #rangersvsredsox
Enjoying every minute of the trip with this awesome guy! I ordered a meal at lunch that I’ve never had and didn’t really understand what it was from the menu description but the picture looked ok, Nic ordered next and got something he and I have both had and liked. When our food came, I took one bite and he could tell I didn’t like it and he said “It’s ok, I ordered this knowing that we would switch. I applaud you for trying to be adventurous though” 😂when you find an awesome travel partner, keep ‘em!! Also, the Ulun Danu Beratan temple is even prettier in person than in the photos I saw when planning the trip. Definitely a Bali must-see!! #besttravelpartner #besthubby #bali #ulundanu #exploremore
I’d take a day at Six Flags with these girls over work any time! 🎢 #whiletheboysareawaythegirlswillplay #happyfriyay
Need something welded?! I’m your gal! 💪🏽⚒ jk.. this was my first time and it didn’t go so well. But thanks @jdburne11 for showing me that I did NOT miss my calling!
I want to wish this guy, who I apparently just follow around all the time and watch while he takes the good photos, the happiest of birthdays!!! 🎉 if you know him, then you already know how cool he is and I’m so very thankful that I get to call him my husband. We’re not in the same state today so I’m asking for anyone and everyone to call him, text him, Facetime him, DM him or just comment to tell him HBD!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @na_pitts
Maybe we could all use a little Pure Aloha 🤙🏼 #hopa #uncleclayshouseofpurealoha #hawaii #purealoha

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