Who else misses TRL??? 😭✨ {Destiny's Child and Jessica Simpson at MTV TRL in July, 2001}
Ummmm why doesn't Ikea sell these sofas??? 🤷🏼‍♀️ {Totally Spies season 1}
The one and only Naomi Campbell, photographed by Terry O'Neill in 1991🔥🌶️✨ {found at miss-vanilla on tumblr}
I can't decide which one I love more, the sunglasses or the top 😍 {Jessica Simpson in Australia in July, 2000}
Her Royal Highness, the One and Only Princess of Pop, the Iconic Pop Culture Sensation Miss Britney, Bitch turned 37 yesterday. Happiest of Birthdays to this Modern History Icon 💖 Also tagged my favourite Britney fan accounts ☺️ {Britney photographed by Edie Baskin in 2000} 👌🏼
Major outfit inspo 👌🏼 {Britney out shopping in August, 2000}
Me and my girls arriving to my ex's funeral 😌💖 {Spice Girls in Paris in 1997}
Jessica Simpson's 20th birthday party in July, 2000 💞 And that cake looks... pretty... 🙂
Happy birthday Miley 💖 Can't believe her sweet sixteen was TEN YEARS AGO!!! 😭

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