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The wind did not stop, but the rain did! Katy ❤️ Jake got their wish! A Romp!! #ilovemydoodles #doodlelove #doodles #romp
Wind and Rain please go away! We want to Romp today! #katyandjake #ilovemydoodles #doodlelove #doodles #romp
I am so happy to have learned years ago to leave food out for the hummingbirds year round! There are so many that are hungry during the winter months! Contrary to what many think...they don’t all fly south for the winter! ❤️
When a 2 billion dollar industry is predicted to become a 20 billion dollar industry over the next two years 😳 it gets the entrepreneur in me Fired-Up 🔥!! If you would like to secure a prelauch spot on my Zija International Team 🌿 let me know. This 24 hour sustained dosage, transdermal patch will be hitting 🤜 the market with a storm soon!!!
What you do for yourself today, will set the pace for your whole week. Set the bar high and go for it!!! It’s Manifestation Monday!! #behealthy #getfit #naturalhealthrevolution
Silverado High School Varsity Competition Cheer 🎉 Go Hawks 🎊
Yesterday was turkey. Today beef. My buddies Katy ❤️ Jake deserve the Best!! #ilovemydoodles #doodlefood #realfood

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