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@mamanicoledavis shares: - - - - - - “Sitting around with friends, July 19 2016 I had what I thought was my first contraction. Immediately I started recording them. I was convinced I was going into labor. It was my first baby! What was I to expect? I had no idea what I was in for... it wasn’t until July 21, after impatiently waiting my husband and I broke my water with intercourse. My midwives came back into our home and things started getting really tough... long story short, I ended up in the hospital. Ira was twisted weird and we couldn’t get him to move in the proper position. My body was tired. I was devastated. Like a punch to the throat I “wasn’t strong enough” nor could I give Ira the “best birth” I could. After watching all those women on Instagram give birth at home and have such a magical experience... I wasn’t “strong enough”. That’s what I told myself at first... low and behold I was. I labored 50 hours and gave everything I could... I then shared my celebration of life and my accomplishment of my first born. I slowly but surely realized there were others like me and I wasn’t alone. I felt at peace with my birth. Without Instagram I don’t think I would ever have the opportunity to be at peace with that. This community has shown and taught me so much about motherhood and birth... this community gave me the strength and inspiration to try again for a home birth. And I did... and I fucking did it. Such an accomplishment FOR ME. I wanted to share it with this community just as others shared for me.Your birth DOES NOT define who you are as a mother OR a person. The reasons for your birth lay within the body and soul of your child. My sons came into this world on opposite ends entirely and I believe it happened for a reason. Regardless...You grew another human being like WHAAAAAT that’s incredible. Whatever the situation may be.. I hope more women share their stories and continue to do so for the world to see. It’s so important. You never know who’s life you’ll impact unless you do. Let’s EMPOWER one another, regardless of what the birth was like.“ __ Tee: @thelittlemilkbar_ + @empoweredbirthproject ❤️ link in bio! #igavebirth
Did you know the average blood loss after a vaginal birth is 500 ml (one pint) and 1000 ml (one quart) after a cesarean birth? Birthing people quite literally sacrifice their life force in order to bring babies into the world. Approximately 1-5% experience postpartum hemorrhage, most commonly after placenta delivery and/or cesarean birth. (Source: www.stanfordchildrens.org) __ Also note: blood loss appears much more significant when diluted in a water birth, such as in this stunning photo by @feelinghomeagain who captured this mama giving birth unassisted🌿 __ Join our #igavebirth campaign by visiting link in bio ❤️ __ #empoweredbirthproject #birthisbeautiful #waterbirth #placenta #homebirth
Yesterday a photo of my exposed breast became the most liked media I’ve ever posted online. It’s allowed within the guidelines here because my son was nursing from the other breast. That same day I found myself at one of the most lavish parties I’ve ever attended, wearing a sequin bra and breasts painted in gold. I felt incredible in my skin. It’s wild to me that my body last night— my very same body minus a breastfeeding child— would be forbidden on the same platform. I personally want to see women as free to exist in their natural bodies as men. I think the hyper sexualization of female breasts is unhealthy and a disservice to society. I also realize the censorship of the human form on the internet is complex, nuanced, and alllll about context. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. And I’d love to know what you think too. Share your thoughts on # freethenipple below... do you want to see female/femme breasts allowed in public and online? Why or why not? 💋 ~ @katievigos __ {edit: I also agree that female/femme breasts can be sexual as well, depending how the owner feels about them. And yes, I did modify my body with breast implants bc I feel beautiful and sexy in this way. Why is that wrong? Why are we demonizing sexuality? Can we allow freedom of expression/existence while still keeping Facebook/Instagram a safe space to exist as well? Thank you for all the comments!
VAGINAS 👏🏼 ARE 👏🏼 AMAZING 👏🏼 video by @obstetra_bianka_manhaes __ #uncensoredbirth #empoweredbirthproject #birthvideo __ Edit: her perineum (not vagina, which is the inner canal) is bulging outward from the pressure of baby’s head. This is normal. In the original caption @obstetra_bianka_manhaes explains this mama did not tear! 🙌🏼
I wish I could go back in time and tell her she’s doing just fine. She’s doing more than enough. Maybe even too much. I’d remind her the softness of her thighs and fullness of her belly are beautiful. I’d remind her that to be a tiny person’s entire world is as magical as it is exhausting. I would reassure her that one day she will feel herself again— that one day when the tears and the breast milk dry up she will step into herself as a new woman. And that it’s okay to feel what she feels and ask for support... lots more support. I’d hold her in my arms and remind her to just breathe. I’d love her just the way she is. __ A letter to my postpartum self ~ @katievigos
@theperfectmom shares: - - - - - - “When @thelittlemilkbar_ reached out to me about their #igavebirth campaign, I knew I had to participate. However, I didn’t realize how much their packaging would meet my heart and bring back so many emotions from my delivery. When I opened my package there was a #empowered t-shirt to remind me that I have power and 500 ml of blood representing the average amount of blood loss during a delivery. This hit home for me because I lost 6 times as much blood during my delivery and just imagining 6 bags of blood next to me put things into perspective for me. • Just wow. • My mom was with me in recovery when I was hemorrhaging. She said gushes of blood clots the size of golf balls were coming out of me. I was pretty out of it. My doctor knew I was high risk for this specific thing happening and she was prepared for it. My uterus wasn’t contracting back and I was rushed back to the OR for multiple blood transfusions and I was given a vaginal pack to help stop the bleeding (which hurt like you wouldn’t believe when they removed it). Before my doctor took me back to the OR, she told my mom, “Find Ry, and pray.” • Ry was doting on the triplets with each of our family members when he got the news of how sick I was. I don’t remember much, but I know that I survived. It took a several days to recover and I’m truly beyond thankful for my life!! My birth story was a miracle at all ends and God protected me and our hope babies. • I can look at my Hope wounds and know that I have power! I am strong. I am beautiful! And my body is truly incredible! If you look closely you may notice that my stretch marks are kind of in the shape a heart and it is so beautiful. • Mama, be empowered today to know you’re strong! You have power and you’re body is so damn amazing!!” __ Tee: @thelittlemilkbar_ link in bio ❤️
Join me + photographer behind this beautiful image @expuntld in *one hour* 11 am PST on IG Live as we have a candid conversation about embracing healthy sexual relationships, body shame, pleasure, and so much more. Broadcast will be visible in my stories for 24 hours. 😊 __ In his words: “Sex is in everything. It's in all of us. It's the act that created the energy that coursed through two and created one. As she took his seed her body transformed nurturing and harboring a new life for the world to behold. The same sexual energy that led to her opening her legs is the very catalyst to the special oh so memorable moment when the words are yelled "I can see the head!". We must not disconnect a woman at any point in her life from that sacred space. Masturbation, sex, or simply the feelings given from pleasure, arousal, and sensual goodness are all her divine right. After all those same feelings are what created her life and will continue to create new light despite what rules or ideas man tries to force on her life. A great dishonor is done when we take away such a huge part of every woman as her body begins to change. Society places illogical concepts on her actions painting a picture that as mother she can't be sexual, can't be sensual, that she can't be that sexy goddess that she was before. We stifle the very part of her gives us everything we now know. It makes no sense because we all know how a baby is formed. Yet once the insemination process begins for a woman to still openly embrace her sexuality is now seen as sin. This just can't be because if we are going to love and appreciate her as a woman and mother than we must embrace, understand, and uplift all parts of her. Anything less would be to take from who she is. It would be to stifle her and box her in. Which can't continue because as we all know that in order for humanity to progress on and grow. We have to place mothers and all women on their rightful throne. So mothers embrace all of your desires, your feelings, your thoughts and urges without fear. Because if it were not for you we wouldn't be here...” __ Mama Muse @lilbrownbunny #expressionsuntold #empoweredbirthproject #pregnancy #motherhood
Beautiful bloody mess 🌿 third stage of labor / placenta delivery / afterbirth video by @obstetra_bianka_manhaes __ Look how gently this provider supports the birth of the placenta. It’s rare I come across videos of third stage labor and I’m so excited to post this here. __ #placenta #thirdstageoflabour #afterbirth #umbilicalcord #birthisbeautiful #birthvideo #empoweredbirthproject #igavebirth
{tw: maternal death} I interrupt your scrolling today to remind you: WE ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH. The maternal mortality crisis is alive and well— disproportionately affecting black women and babies— but Lashonda Hazard and her 13-week unborn child are not. __ While a cause of death has yet to be released to my knowledge, here is what we know: Lashonda sought medical attention on January 6 at Women & Infants Center in Providence, Rhode Island for severe abdominal pain. She expressed on social media that she was “literally dying” and told by medical staff there was nothing that could be done. These were her final sentiments before her tragic and untimely death. (Swipe for screenshots from her FB page, found on @wisecommunitydoulas. The last one appears to say, “They just checked the baby that’s it.”) __ Her words alone should prompt us to BELIEVE HER. It should be enough to open an investigation into her death. It should be enough to trigger a massive overhaul of the way we listen to, believe, respect, and treat birthing people. ESPECIALLY people of color. While they are not the only folks being mistreated or abused within the medical complex, systemic racial bias is real and no institution in this country is unaffected. The CDC itself has published data on this matter. __ Rest peacefully, Lashondra and sweet babe. We have failed you. We can and must do better. Link to gofundme in my stories. __ Love, @katievigos __ #maternalmortality #sheshouldbehere #empoweredbirthproject #LashondraHazard
🚨Giveaway CLOSED!!!🚨 Congrats @my.littlemoon, @mamasolbirth @southernswildflower you are the winners🎉. Please DM @thelittlemilkbar_ to claim your prize 🙌🏽 __ @thelittlemilkbar_ and I decided we want to give back to this incredibly supportive community of badass mamas 💪🏽. We’re picking not 1... not 2... but 3 of you to give store credit for a FREE Empowered tee (holla!). Here’s how to enter: __ 1. Like this post 2. Make sure you’re following both @empoweredbirthproject & @thelittlemilkbar_ 3. Share your birth experience in THREE words below 👇🏽 That’s it! This giveaway will run for 24 hours. Winner will be announced Thursday 🙌🏽. Good luck! __ Giveaway is not sponsored by or associated with Instagram. __ #empoweredbirthproject #igavebirth #thelittlemilkbar #giveaway
Join me and the photographer behind this stunning postpartum image @expuntld for an IG Live broadcast this Thursday 1/17 at 11 am PST. __ We’ll have a candid discussion about body image, self love & pleasure, embracing healthy sexual relationships, prioritizing intimacy throughout the struggles of parenthood and daily life, and so much more. It’s going to be an amazing conversation! __ In his words: “Why be ashamed? A life grew inside of you that gives humanity hope of change. You felt things that I as a man will never understand. Even when you first held your baby girl or boy it was nothing similar to when they lay in their father’s hands. Your body changed and so did you. It became a look into the past of what you went through. You grew mentally and emotionally and your spirit was taken to places you didn’t think it would ever go. Your breasts may sit differently. Your ass may not be as thick as it once was. But why should it be when you gave so much of yourself to help all of us. A sacrifice of sorts if you choose to see it that way. But to me your body now is exactly how it’s supposed to be. So don’t be ashamed. Don’t hide your changes from the world that you and your sisters helped create. Be proud of your story. Be proud of your lines. Be proud of who you’ve chosen to be.” . Mama Muse: @sereneradianceyoga 
__ #iglive #expressionsuntold #empoweredbirthproject #postpartumbody #motherhood
The EMPOWERED tee collab is now live, link in bio! __ I started Empowered Birth Project with my third child in my belly, preparing to have an unassisted birth at home. I’d given birth twice before, and felt confident and empowered AF with my plan... when my son was born by emergency cesarean at 43 weeks, I felt like a failure and a disappointment to the mission behind this project. It took a long time, but eventually I healed. Eventually I felt proud of myself for following my intuition and seeking medical attention, ultimately saving both our lives. __ @thelittlemilkbar_ and I created this tee as a tangible way for you to celebrate the fact that YOU gave birth. No one else. No matter how you did it. YOU are powerful and strong, even in your most vulnerable moments. __ Join us in this campaign to celebrate #igavebirth. Link in bio. Tees are unisex size with a loose, relaxed fit. Size down for a tighter fit. I’m wearing a small in this video. __ Love, @katievigos #igavebirth #thelittlemilkbar #empoweredbirthproject

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