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Up way too early this morning, so this shirt would be accurate! 👌🏻 That AND my pre-workout! 💪🏻 . Day FOUR! Wish me luck! 🤪 . #hopeidontdie #transform20 #itwillbeworthit #mommycrack
Day 4 of my transformation and I’m feeling pretty good! SORE, but good. I’ve been up since 4:30 with the little man, so I’m also pretty tired, but not lethargic like I had been feeling. It’s amazing what fueling your body with healthy foods can do for your energy levels! (minus the bday cake I had last night) 🤤 . This lifestyle isn’t about depriving yourself. You eat ALL the food groups (including the occasional junk food for celebrations). There’s no measuring. No guess work. Just eating well-balanced meals and my superfoods shake to ensure I’m getting everything my body needs. 👌🏻 . If you’re stuck in a rut or maybe you need some help getting yourself on track with your nutrition, then hit me up! I’d love to help simplify it for you and get you feeling your best. It’s true about what they say. You are what you eat! 😉 . #healthylifestyle #transform20 #backatit #energyfordays #momlife #Ineedalltheenergyicanget #eatclean #superfoods #youarewhatyoueat
The last birthday celebration for us this week! 🎉🎂 Happy birthday dad/papa! 😊 . #somanybirthdays #januarybirthdays #oreocake #homemadecakes
Soooo I did a thing last night and booked an all-inclusive resort for the hubs and I in May! 😲😬😍 We’ve been talking about going on a trip ALONE for years now, but it was never the right time. 2 babies in 2.5 years has made it hard to get away. I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding since 2015! 🤣 . I had a REALLY hard time hitting “submit” last night because I’m already having anxiety about leaving the little ones. Owen still nurses around the clock and he is the BIGGEST mommy’s boy I’ve ever seen. I know he should be fine by then (16 months old), but I worry so much! However, the hubs and I are WAY over due for this and so it is happening! 🙌🏻 . Any tips for leaving your kiddos and heading out of the country for 5 days? The mommy guilt is already setting in, but I know they’ll survive without me. 🤪 . #clingymommy #arealhoneymoonalmost 3yearslater #adultsonlyresort #mommyanddaddytime #breastfeedingmommy #momoflittles
Am I crying? Did I die? Or am I sitting here after CRUSHING my workout and telling myself what a BADA$$ I am? 👊🏻 😉 . That was TOUGH, but I made through! I’ve never sweat so much in 20 minutes and I’m fairly certain I’m gonna need to borrow a wheelchair from work tonight to get around! #holythighburn 🔥 . If you’re looking for a program to take you to that next level—not only physically, but mentally as well, then this is IT! I’m in love!💪🏻 . #transform20 #onahigh #exerciseismytherapy #anxietywarrior #ialmostdiedtho
Exactly ONE year between these photos! This year has been BUSY. Having our third baby has been a huge blessing for our family, but it has left very little time to take care of myself. I live in pajamas most days, my hair gets washed every 2-3 days if I’m lucky, I do a lot of online grocery pick-up and some days (if I’m REALLY lucky) I get to pee alone! 🙌🏻🤣 . I didn’t “bounce back” quite as quickly as I did after having my second baby. I think partly this was due to sleep deprivation and just being a lot more busy than normal. I had to learn to give myself some grace and love myself regardless of what my body looked like. Mommying ain’t easy. Hormones, sleep deprivation, breastfeeding around the clock and taking care of a house is exhausting! Not to mention working night shift. 😴 I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t taken its toll on me most days. 😬 . I’ve decided to finally carve out some ME time this year. 20 minutes that I dedicate to myself each day. It gives me more energy, makes me feel better overall and I maybe I just won’t hide under a cover-up this summer!👙 😉 . I’m not looking for a perfect body. I’m just looking to feel my best. To have confidence and be a patient and healthy mama for my kids. They deserve a happy mom after all! 😊 . If you’re ready to start feeling your best as well, then please join me!! We can rock this together and keep each other on track. It’s so easy to be unmotivated when you do it alone. This can be YOUR year! What are you waiting for? 🤨 . #postpartumweightloss #momlife #momminainteasy #hotmessmomma #momoflittles #takecareofyourself #transform20 #youdeservetobehappy #healthymom
12 month check-up! Keeping up with our growth at 21lbs 12 oz and 30 inches! #bigboy ☺️ We are working on almost 6 teeth now! Basically, he’s starting college next week. 🤪 . A little anemic, so we’ll be starting vitamins with iron. Same thing happened with Aubs due to breastfeeding, so I’m not too worried. Otherwise, checked out perfectly! 👌🏻 #slowyourroll #12monthcheckup #healthyboy #bigboysarethebest #chubbybaby
Ughhh! Hate this part, but I’m starting a brand new program today and I wanna document from start to finish. It’s the best way to keep myself accountable and to be able to track my progress. I decided to share on social media to give myself that motivation to kick butt and have an awesome AFTER photo! 👌🏻 . Dialing in my nutrition from here on out. The holidays are over. The birthday parties are done with (for awhile). No more excuses! 👊🏻 I can definitely find time for a 20 minute program and I’m ready to get my butt back in shape and to start feeling good about myself again! 🙌🏻 . Today is day ONE of my transformation. It’s not to late to join me! 😉 . #transform20 #postpartumjourney #oneyearlater #whoops🤦🏻‍♀️ #noexcuses #joinmeorwatchme #youcandoit
Turned around to see this! 🤣🤰🏻 . #idie #imagrandma #hermomisalabornurse
Putting our hot cocoa bar to good use on this snowy day! ❄️☃️☕️ . #letitsnow #winterwonderland #hotcocoa
House looks like a bomb went off, but I think we’ll have a happy girl tomorrow for her unicorn party! 🦄 . #ineedanap #cakesallweekend #unicorncake #customcakes
The 3 amigos reunite! 💙💙💙 . #bestbuds #3amigos #maximus #owen #julian

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