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[ closed ⚠] instagram @jeonkingg profile

hey angels πŸ’œ so i made my decision that i'm gonna close this acc :) but you can catch me at twitter, i'm more active there. mybe it's bcse instagram is just not my thing i guess? lmao btw my twitter's username is same like this acc name 😁 i'm sorry and thank you to everyone who had been supporting me since the beginning of this acc borahae 😘 and yeah pls keep supporting the boys, give them lots of loves and supports, love y'all πŸ’• yeag catch me on twitter ;)
they looked so warm uwu (i couldn't find tae, hobi, yoongi and joon photos)
hey guys, sorry for being unactive these days ❀ I've been dealing with anxiety and heartbreak and yeah i'm all good right now 😊 SO LET'S GET THIS BREAD
lately i've been watching jinkook moments on youtube and yeah i ship them as siblings :') they're the cutest

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