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🐾‘Hurry up guys - ‘Dis way!!!! We has to get to the top so I can shout out “happy Hump Day” to all muh buddies”!!!! Hope you is all havin fabulous fun times, wherever u are!😊’
😊Listening to the birds in the back garden!!! (🐾’Don’t worry muh buddies - I hasn’t gone all soft!! I is clutching part of daddy’s tree which I ripped off wiv muh [very good] teeth😈😈😈!!!!)
Demonstrating her best ‘Downward Facing Dog’ pose! #yogaposes #yogadog
Kira when she found out mummy was going out without her😳🙁!!!!
🐾’I was tryna hide from mummy among da bluebells, but she found me wiv her phone camera🙈!’
🐾’C’mon now mum!!! Stop faffing around with that camera & throw me muh ball!!!!’
Neighbourhood Watch on high alert 🚨!!!!!! 🐾’What’s going on here then, eh?’
🐾’I is happy & I know it @c00per_the_kelpie , so i has stuck my tongue out to show it😊👍!!! Happy #tot to you & everyone!!!’

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