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Am I the only fanpage that is getting low views ? ): • • • • #cardib #cardi
I hope I get to see you here in H-Town 💛 @iamcardib • • • • • #cardib #cardi
I hate posting shit like this because it’s just so sad how Cardi was treated. No one deserves to be treated like that especially saying some fucked up shit. People have no respect. I’m glad that Patientce popped off because this is unacceptable Australia.
I hate being shadowbanned muhaha. Anyways follow @latinbardi , I will be posting a lot there, meanwhile I wait for this to be unbanned #cardib #bardigang
Me warning you about not going out with that dude but you didn’t listen and he STILL cheated on you. Like I told you so ... - @iamcardib
This is so sad. ☹️💔. This is not how Cardi was suppose to be treated at the airport. And we love a true friend, Patientce. Thank you for been there with her - Got it from: @belcails

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