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SATIN ROBES NOW AVAILABLE!!! Perfect for days you wanna slay for zaddy and you still have guest around : Swipe to see how I styled the mannequin Perfect cover-up for all your see through clothing Available now in dress size 8-12 Price:N3600 : Available also in large quantities for bridal shower. Discount applies on orders above 5pieces ----send a DM to shop some
😍😍😍😍😍😍 Just because you don't have to break the bank before you slay : : Shop these cute thongs in dress size 8 Price: N600 : Want thongs/pants in size 6-20? Send a DM to shop some
What better way to start a new week than in this cute pants in DRESS SIZE 14 -Swipe and keep swiping for more designs and colours : : Love some? Please take a screenshot and send pictures via DM or click the link in bio Price:N600 : : May the Lord exceed your expectations this week and cause you to rejoice. Have a great day❤❤❤
That's how @8fifteenskincare sent me this picture ooo. I have amazing friends that keep me on top of my game. The last funny picture I posted was sent by @lade_clothier : All I have to say is even of you wear pants as big as this, we have your size. You know all you have to do? Send a DM or use the link in bio to shop some. Just that @lingerieunit pants are pretty and sexy not boring like this : Prices of pants/thongs from 500-950. Just Holla!!! @4tneys be like Hauwa, send me funny pictures, Thank you💋💋
Some F & F beauties in DRESS SIZE 14! Absolutely gorgeous!!! : I don't do boring, you shouldn't too. Love to have these? Send a DM to get them for N2700(All three) : Hurry before they get sold out : : : : #lingerieunit #shoplingerieunit #gtbankfashionweekend2018 #gtbankfashionweekend #lindaikeji #shebosstribe #naijawompreneur
Hello my people... I'm so sorry I can't meet up with deliveries this weekend but you can send your orders in and I will get them delivered next week : : Special thank you to the lovely people that checked on me. I'm grateful❤ -----Posting continues tho. But you will receive your order next week : Have a restful weekend ...Tolulope❤
Sisi Eko... Is this you? When we see your front view, we are in love and can't wait to take you to mama but your back-view is disaster : Your ass is tortured by the size of the pant you wear, our eyes and mind are not left out -you will rather spend thousands on clothes and hair and leave underwear out because in your words.. "No one will see it" : Welldone ma!!! I here to tell you that we carry pants and thongs in dress size 6-20 You have no excuse to dress and show up like someone who is lost : Send a DM let me hook you up. Body size isn't a barrier here #BeInformed!!!!
Care for some sexy lacy things in dress size 10&12? Its time to change your undergarments : All you have to do is send a DM, let me hook you up specially. Get these for N600 each Send a DM or click the link in bio to get some : : Want pretty thongs and pants in dress size 6-20? Send a DM too
Jessica Simpson and Victoria Secrets seamless pants available now in dress size 14 : : I've got just a few pieces of these left Get both of them for N1400 Want seamless pants in other dress sizes? Send a DM or click the link in bio : : : #lingerieunit #lingerieinlagos #unilag #bellanaijastyle #bellanaijabeauty #brasetinlagos #lekki #lekkiphaseone
Its raining boyshorts here... Join us please Check my last post for more : Boyshorts available in dress size 14... Lacy and pretty All three for N2100 Want some? Simply send a DM or click the link in bio : : : #lingerieunit #lingerieinlagos #brasinlagos #shoplingerieunit
Sexy and sophistication!!! Shop these cute lacy boyshorts in dress size 10 : : All three for N2100 Want more designs? Send a DM ------want dress size 6-20 pnats/thongs? Send a DM too : : : #lingerieunit #shoplingerieunit #lingerieinlagos #brasinlagos #gtbankfashionweekend2018 #gtbankfashionweekend
Make him wonder what you are up to in this wine see-through lingerie. Best believe he will rush back into your arms the next day : Available now in dress size 8,10&12 Colours: purple and wine Send a DM to get this for N5000 : Want dress size 6-20 pants? Send a DM too

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