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Borderlands is out on the VR! I wish I had one just to see Moxxi 😆😆😆ALSO THERE IS TALK ABOUT BORDERLANDS 3 AND IM SO FREAKING KEEN!
New dress! Bought this on Black Friday finally came in the mail!
My Salt Bottle Prop lights up! I have so many Bioshock props! I plan on redoing Corset Elizabeth soon 😊
💕”My love for my Joker was stronger than their madhouse walls” Michael gave me the idea to colour this to match the Valentine Harley Pop ☺️💕
Finally got my hands on the Bioshock Collectors Edition 😄 I have so much Bioshock loot it’s insane (I’ll have to try and take a photo of all the statues and figurines I have) 🎮⛓

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