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Gus behind tulle after ten minutes of vigorous dancing #tutu #dancingqueen
1/52 Hello friends! Just getting started on my 2019 weekly photo project with my girls! My theme this year is black&white and my girls and I are super excited to have a theme (for the first time) that doesn't require us to be outside. It got cold this week! So here is Gus playing dress-up in the window. I'll be using the hashtag #mykidsinbnw for this project. Feel free to join in!
Missing Fall already! #centralpark #nycfamilyphotographer #nycchildphotographer
Gus, wind, and flare #centralpark #nycfamilyphotographer #nycchildphotographer
52/52 Wrapping up my #centralparkkids project at the reservoir. The girls and I have had so much fun exploring the park this year and we were thrilled to find some new favorite spots! We love Central Park!
51/52 Rainy afternoon in the park at one of our favorite spots. Love the #essexhouse skyline! #centralparkkids
Ursula contemplating climbing a statue. (Eventually she decided the statue was too cold.) #centralpark #aliceinwonderlandstatue

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