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my account is dying, so am i instagram @mayoneeze profile

Post 2621 - I remember watching this show alot when i was in kindergarden. I never got to watch a full episode, it always aired on early morning and we had to leave early. The only scene i remember was the characters watching a theatre play that mocked the serie and characters. (#avatar #memes #youtube)
Post 2618 - i hate how the emo term has so many meanings. some think it's really melancholic 90s punk, some melancholic indie rock/math rock and most use it to refer to bands like mcr or the used.
Post 2617 - Lately i have been listening to a lot of trip hop, these are good albums i found during the past two weeks that are trip hop. Blue States has composed some songs for 28 Days Later, which is a good movie. (#Aim #ColdWaterMusic #BlueStates #ManMountain #TripHop)
Post 2616 - skrillex and aphex twin are great but this screenshot makes me angry lol (#aphextwin #skrillex #flim)
Post 2612 - recent additions to my collection, both were brand new for 20€ total. (#arcticmonkeys #favouriteworstnightmare #massiveattack #mezzanine)
Post 2611 - i might start using #hashtags again to gain more traction to this account.

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