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The start of a new year is a time where its too easy to think about the previous year and think, "thank god [insert year] is over." • • Its easy to look back on the tough times, failed attempts, and the moments where it was hard to see that things would get better. • • But imagine how much sweeter the start of a new year would be if we focused on all the good we had throughout the previous year. • • If we focused on: ▪The experiences that led us to where we are this very moment. The experiences that allowed you to meet people who inspired you and see amazing sights you've only dreamed of seeing in person. ▪The moments where you're in tears from laughing with someone then in tears from being overwhelmed of how grateful you are for that someone in your life. The moments where life was hard, but you had that someone to help you through. ▪The occasions to watch people who matter to you move forward in their lives through marriage, the birth of the babies, the start of a new job, and standing up to toxic relationships. The occasions where you are as much of their lives as they are of yours. • • With the new year just beginning, lets remember the beautiful times we've had and learn to grow, inspire, and love with all that we have. • • -March: Shamrock Shuffle 10K; Chicago, Il -May: Birthday at Camp; Newaygo, Michigan -May: Badlands; Interior, South Dakota -July: Boardwalk bike ride; Venice Beach, CA -September: College friends; Portland, Oregon -September: Tattoo #3; Portland, Oregon -September: Game day pup; Milwaukee, WI -October: Family vacation; Fort Lauderdale, FL -October: Bears vs. Packers; Chicago, IL -December: NYE; Chicago, IL
Snapchat filter to let you know I voted. . . Show up. Be informed. Vote. . . . #Vote #VoteVoteVote #Voter #MakeYourVoiceHeard #America #RedWhiteAndBlue #SnapChat #Filter . . . #GirlsWhoVote #GirlsWhoLift #GirlsWhoTravel
#throwback to one of the best trips of my life . . . Find beauty and embrace it
Wrong date and time stamp 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️.. ((Im a time traveller))

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