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Who do you believe Jesus is? Introducing the Gospel of Mark in both Precept Upon Precept and In & Out studies! This addition completes the entire Precept Upon Precept New Testament collection. You can order this nine lesson study for your next class TODAY.
Which is your favorite #VerseOfTheWeek style: inductive markings on the text or hand lettering? Save the #VerseOfTheWeek from our story and memorize with us 💕
We are wishing a very happy 85th birthday to our BELOVED Kay Arthur today! Wish Kay a happy birthday or give to Precept in her honor today by visiting the link in our bio!
#LeaderTip: To begin your discussion, ask simple questions that have obvious or easy answers. Simple questions to begin the discussion set a comfortable tone, and sometimes most of the group will answer together. Find out more about Precept's leader training by visiting
God wants to use you for His Kingdom. Explore what scripture says about ordinary people being called to extraordinary things in David Arthur's new small book #OrdinaryPeopleExtraordinaryGod. Get your copy now by visiting the link in our bio!
📱+📖=❤ Get the #VerseOfTheWeek from our story! 1⃣ Hold the photo down 2⃣ Take a screen-shot 3⃣ Set as your lock screen and memorize!
God is transforming lives throughout Peru as Precept team members teach people how to study the Bible inductively. One of the primary ways they are doing this is through the ministry to the Quechua people. Read this story by visiting the link in our bio.
"The Lord taught me this summer a perfect example of how to live out the great commission practically. I am not someone that feels super confident speaking in front of people. During this internship, I was placed into a lot of different environments where I had to lead discussions and the Lord continually showed me that my confidence is based on Him alone." Kenzie Cimpl, ENGAGE Intern 2018 Young adults can apply for the ENGAGE Internship NOW by visiting the link in our bio.
Did you know you can learn the essentials of Inductive Bible Study for free through our three-hour training workshop? Find out when the next workshop in your area is or bring one to your city by visiting the link in our bio!
David Arthur has a special message for you! This month, we’d like to send you a copy of Ordinary People, Extraordinary God as a thank-you for your gift of any amount to support the extraordinary work God is doing through the ordinary people that serve with Precept Ministries. Visit the link in our bio to get your copy today!
Kay Arthur's birthday is just around the corner! Help us continue her legacy by supporting Precept. You can even write a birthday note, but hurry - her Birthday is November 11th!
URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: #AsiaBibi, a Christian woman, held in solitary confinement for 8 years under law of blasphemy in Pakistan, was acquitted by a court after 8 years. Because of this decision, huge protests are happening all over the country and Christians are in grave danger. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in #Pakistan and specifically for our Precept leaders.

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