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Don’t ask me what I’m doing with my hands. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, I got a leg I swear.
“If you laugh at other people’s conditions, you will be like them in the future. Bill Gates hahaha.. Bill Gates hahaha...” 🤣😅😂😭 MAKE IT RAIN! 💸 ~ looks like someone’s got me at gunpoint to force a smile 😅 hahaha, yeah.. ~
Happy Halloween mothafuck@s! Goin’ Resident Evil on ur asses. 🧟‍♂️🔫 (woman in 2nd pic be witnessing a crime scene). Also played the drums again but haha let’s not talk about my f*ckups. 😂 probably will post a clip on my story or whatever.
💛💛💛 Realized I had this stored in my notes for awhile, so I don’t think I’ve posted these words yet, lol. —> You’ll never know if you don’t try. What you seek is seeking you. Go for it. You’ll eventually find out it’s trial and error, and that’s okay. Everything starts somewhere. Take it slow and enjoy the journey. Be mindful of where you are now, and look within to see what aspects you can change to improve your reality with a matched desired mentality. Set a reminder to check on yourself and your thought patterns. Are you too self-critical? Too controlling? Too stressed? Take a deep breath and let it all melt and fade away into nothingness. You are an infinite, divine soul who is more than this. Your worth is unimaginable. You are miraculous. Tap into that consciousness within and really feel that inner fire nudging you to take that first step.. take that leap of faith. Feel your roots of divinity and ground yourself to the earth. We are all connected. We are here together. We are here in love. Guidance is always there for you if you seek it. Quiet down and listen. ❤️😊 Enjoy your week and stay positive! 💛💛💛
“We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” - Joseph Campbell //Sometimes what we’re meant to experience is far better than what we’d imagine. Letting go of control and allowing things to just be. Some things you gotta chase, others you just let it happen where things flow to you when you’re ready. A balance needs to be there. Let go of too much control, let it ebb and flow. The time will come. 🙌🏼
We all have those who light up our day whether it’s a friend, loved one, pet, a neighbor etc. When you’re in a place of darkness and find yourself in a dimmed light, they are there to remind us that we can spark once again that inner light we have within us. Their presence is a reminder that love is what matters. When you’re living with abundance of love such as gratitude, you begin to see life from a different light and begin to realize that there is always peace you can find even in the darkest of times. There is the inner knowing that this pitfall is temporary and you will get back up. This is a lesson and time for you to grow and really reflect upon your solitude. Know you’ve done enough and you are enough. Also, that friend or whomever that brings you laughter and brightens your day is there to remind you that you should live life day by day, and not worry too much. Things will come in perfect/divine timing. Just let it be. ❤️ Express your gratitude to that person who brightens your day, or perform an act of kindness to your neighbor. Expose your authenticity and love to the world. :) Hopefully this message reaches out to someone who needs it. 👍🏼 Shine your light. 🔥✨
Hello September! ☀️ Start of a new month! Why wait till New Year’s? You’ve got a fresh start at a new month. F*** it. You got a new DAY ahead of you. :) Deconstructing my thoughts to build up a new mindset of gratitude. I keep forgetting to take a second to look back, smell the roses, and really delve deep into the present moment and cherish all the blessings I have and who I’ve become in the present moment. So here’s my second to pause and say, thank you Universe. 🙏🏼💕

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