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I'M ACTUALLY DIZZY BECAUSE OF THIS....also who even wears socks outside...
And on the 3rd day, god created the only living person to look good from this angle. I however look like one of Shrek's ogre babies from that angle.
Peter is just here to have a good time and be a badass (probably the most badass character in the movie honestly)
The first one had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt, also if there isn't a scene in infinity war where Thor throws loki and shuri and peter automatically yell "YEET" and or "this bitch empty" I'm gonna sue...
Low quality pic of a high quality style icon. I RLY HOPE THAT PONYTAIL BUCKY IS A THING ON SCREEN IN INFINITY WAR
I love how unproblematic these two are, just 2 wholesome bois. Don't even get me started on the absolute fucking angel that Tom Hiddleston is tho. Tags #ragnarlothbrok #thor #loki #chrishemsworth #tomhiddleston #marvel #thorandloki
When your friends don't invite you to their airport fight...(not that you could have gone as you're too busy dealing with your psycho siblings but it would've been nice to atleast have gotten an electronic letter)

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