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We haven’t seen cameron in a long ass time ! Im worried for little bro what if he got squashed while they was doing the paper clip bruh😰
If u gotta take ya chains off while in any body of water please keep ma favs names out cha mouths 😗.
Real man moves !☺️ Exactly coughys mad asl like if he didn’t do shit to lose her , like he knows if he had her again he still do the same shit bruh just stop Christopher u an embarrassment.. U A DORK BRUH😩😂😂😂😂
“U Kangaroo” 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 , yo but niggas obsessed bro @therealchrissailss u got the girl that u “ love” baby daddy laughing at u along with his mans patty like nigga U A DORK😩😂😂😂 just stoppp
Lmaoo niggas a fool !😂😂 mind lowering the camera just a littleee bit thanks☺️
!!!! And when a mf be like “ no offense buttt” just STFU !
“Im about to kill it UGH !” YEOOO😭😭😭 I CRINGED SO HARDDDD OMGG💀💀💀 but SHE ATE she ate !

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