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Shawty had me thinking she was queen, im hurt. ya gotta stop doin that shit wit the names😭
never wanted to slap a teacher more then today ! we was in gym i asked shawty for water and she gave me . The Nastiest Attitude ever, i was like damn Ok fuck you and ya water then. hows yalls day goin?! i dead just want the rest of the pics . thanks
post got queens name all over it , she was nervous asf 😭❤️. tell me how thier was so much chemistery she was just pointing out his big ass vain 😭 And now They having a whole child ,crazyy❤️
Lovee stumbling upon these post its like woww clare will always be DAT NIGGA. if he aint doin youtube he doin his clothing line if he aint doing his clothing line he doing modeling like STOP IT YA FUNNY clarencenyc AINT GOIN NO WHERE SIS😘 and on top of that a father as well ?! lol🥵🥰
Ya gotta hop of clares dick callin him FaT💀. them is simply eating Swell livin ma best Unproblamatic life, securing the bag wit my wife about to be a daddy rolls🥰😭
"Ion need take no uber ,i drive a rover "😭 . only song i fw on the album & startender.go stream dat tho ! ❤️
The fact those are genuine ass smiles on they face no fake shit no laughing on que shit they was probably laughing already the whole time with queens goofy ass . Like this is love ,LMAOO this is just so beautiful bruh❤️
😍😍😍 Tell me why this makes me so happy ? i love them . Cutest/ flyest family out here period 🥰
the fact these pics didnt take forever🥰🥰🥰. sum photogrphers be actin like its classfied information like calm down sis .

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