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Sunset seen from my room in Reykjavik #soekitchen101 #iceland @soe_kitchen #connectedbythesun @littlesunenergy
#climaterefugees #assistedmigration When the climate changes, so do the living conditions for living species. People and animals can, to a certain extent, migrate on their own, but are plants able to migrate at a fast enough speed, and could assisted migration or augmented ecology play a role? Artist Theun Karelse did an experiment in ‘assisted-migration’ at Nida Art Colony by introducing a sample of three lichen species from Portugal to Lithuania as official climate refugees, in association with Neringa Forestry Department. Theun writes in his Fieldguide to Next Doggerland: ‘For some species, keeping up with the northward shift of habitats may be challenging. A bird can migrate quite easily, but mosses for instance might be far too slow. Assisted migration is a controversial ecological technique that proposes to help the slower species reach northern grounds by manually taking them there. During the Techno Ecologies residency in Nida Art Colony I brought a lichen sample collected during a previous project in Spain to present it officially at the National Park as a climate refugee. The small lichen sample, containing three separate species, served as a starter for this complex discussion. The request for asylum was officially accepted by the head of the forestry department, who assumed the little guys would die immediately in winter. After an extensive visual survey of the Curonian Spit lichen populations, I found a wonderful spot close to the Art Colony where all three species on my little branch had Lithuanian cousins. Remarkably, this is at the site of a prehistoric settlement. The specimen thereby joined a rich local history of climate travellers. During the Techno Ecologies symposium in spring the next year I immediately went to pay my Spanish friends a visit, and you know what? They survived the winter!' #theunkarelse #lichen @nidaartcolony
#polytopes #studio @studiootherspaces #spaceshipearth #geometry #sphere #atmosphere #new #life #knots #nodes
Our friends @kaffeekoop have started a crowdfunding campaign to get this coffee product on the market. It’s produced entirely by women in Rwanda and fair trade. Strong women = strong coffee! The campaign is at: #angeliquesfinest #rwanda @littlesunenergy
the summer is over but everything is still sunny hot and illuminated except what disappears into the black holes and similar places @nasaclimatechange #compass #lighthouse
Harpa celebrating gay pride in Reykjavik #rainbow #pride #reykjavik @harpareykjavik - thank you @phoparis for the photo!
Your sound galaxy - part of The unspeakable openness of things - which just closed at The Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing. You can watch the whole video on our website: video by @shimurabros and sound by @mouseonthekeys
Repost from @ivica_radic - who did this great 360 photo of the spiral staircase - Umschreibung, in Munich.
#goodgardens : Fig and pomegranate trees, grapes, carrots, and narcissus flowers thrive in the otherwise parched desert land of northern Iraq. In 2015, the UK-based nonprofit called the Lemon Tree Trust began a collaborative gardening project with inhabitants of the Domiz refugee camp – by far the largest refugee camp in Iraq, a country to where hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been displaced by war. With camp community member and gardener Aveen Ismail steering the project by disseminating seeds, trees, and educational information, the aim was to encourage other inhabitants to garden inside the camp of nearly 26,500 residents. The Lemon Tree Trust hired refugee inhabitants to map, construct, and maintain a central community plot at Domiz called Azadi Garden. In Kurdish, azadi means ‘liberation’, and, for the gardeners, the plot simultaneously serves as a communal hub and provides commercial opportunities. Additionally, a workers’ cooperative was launched by the Trust to design and build Crisis Response Garden Kits to help new refugees begin growing food upon arrival in the camp. Photos: Kastro Yosef / Lemon Tree Trust Please feel free to share with us other ecologically-minded projects that intertwine social and environmental sustainability. @lemontreetrust #domiz #campgreening #urbanagriculture #growinghome #cultivatingincrisis
On the menu @soe_kitchen #soekitchen101 : marinated raw sole fish, green strawberries, oyster leaves @victoriaeliasd photo: @moussti
Impressions from the opening weekend of #soekitchen101 @soe_kitchen in Reykjavik. Video by @moussti

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